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In The Wake Of The Ancient Gods

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Monday 9th December 2013 (03:36pm)

One of my newest short works. Enjoy.

In The Wake Of The Ancient Gods

The ravens are flying freely in the night sky
All the oceans and seas are roaring with power
Dark clouds are arising in the horizon
The great land of north is without silence and daylight
Behold, the storm of storms
Behold, the divine power of the god of thunder
For Thor!

Long roots are growing under the soil and the earth
A man with a white and glowing aura approaches from behind the trees
Baldur is his name, and he cannot be followed by death
For he is the god of life and healing

And high above the darkening clouds
Lies a mysterious and golden hall
Where the true sons and warriors of the north keep watch
Where all men are like brothers
And past the army of swords, statues and blazing torches
Stands a runic throne most tall
And upon it sits none other than Odin
The All-Father, The War-God
A man of wisdom and many powers

And mighty were the deeds of these three gods
During the first dawn of Midgård, the mortal world
When that world was still so young
And back then, those people who already walked the earth
Were left in awe in the wake of the ancient gods

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen