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my tolkien journey

Author - Amras

Written on - Wednesday 4th December 2013 (10:08pm)

I began to be attached to Middle earth when i was seven or eight.My older brother daniel was leaving the trilogy about so picked them up and read them,relishing every moment.Then i read the hobbit.After awhile i got bord because i did not think that tolkien wrote anymore books.Then to my great excitement,at the back of the return of the king it said:The silmarillion: the epic history of the Elves.I picked it up at the library and read it.best book i have ever read.Now i am starting to collect the books.I have the entire trilogy with the movies and i am working on the sil,and the hobbit.five years later i discover planet tolkien,the best website in the world with the best of friends.user name Amras.and also had no friends who liked tolkien so this is the best thing that has happened to me.Thanks to everyone