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Little Winterchild

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Thursday 8th May 2014 (08:54am)

Alright, I wrote this piece some 2-3 weeks back. Whilst I haven't written anything during my winter holidays, I've lots of stuff to dot down once I get the opportunity to sit down and focus on it.

'Little Winterchild' is a kind of throwback to my youth, when every hour I spent in forests and in nature was a small miracle. Things are still the same way, but these days winter and spring are my only chances to venture into forests. Can't say why, but one may always wonder.


Little Winterchild

Oh mother earth, can you hear me
I want to sing something to you
And the song that I've chosen to sing
Tells about winter and about the days of my youth

Oh wind, do not be gentle with me
Give me your most harshest breeze
Let me feel that pure touch of coldness
And show me that perfect snowy scene of my dreams
Encase my heart in ice, and let my very soul to freeze

Oh wind, with such beauty and elegance
You always wave all the branches and all the treetops
And I ensure to you that I would remain here amidst all this snow
And just joy and dance, if all time around me could just be stopped..

I may look like a grown man, but in the eyes of the mother earth
I'll always be a little winterchild
Age may have caught up with me and it may have worn me down
But despite everything
I'm still that very same fourteen-year old boy inside my adventurous and joyful mind

And I just wish.. That I could go back in time
Back to those golden days..

When this world was a good place to live in
When all the beauty and good decisions could be found from within
Each of us, whatever happened to trust, kindness and peace
It's so sad, 'cause all of those things now seem to be as fictional
As our daily dreams

But even if those things wouldn't ever see a change
I won't ever stray from my path, I'll always remain the same
I'll continue to tread carefully in every forest
I'll continue to treat all flowers, trees and animals with respect
Because I'm noble and kind, truly one of my kind
My heart is both restless and wild
I still live my happy childhood inside my mind
I'm the nature's own little winterchild

Mother earth is and always will be the queen of the woods
Her powers are unmatched and she just cannot be replaced
For that is something the tides of time have proved

So goddess of the earth..

Maker of snow, maker of rain
Conjure up one snowstorm for me
Let the cold winds blow once again
And let power of the storm and the wind set my spirit free

For I know that I cannot stay in this fragile mortal coil forever
But as a spiritual being, I won't ever truly be gone
And all that, 'cause I couldn't ever abandon..
These snowy and sacred fields..
These snowy and sacred fields that I've come to call my home..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen