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The Last Flight Of Rhaelyth

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Monday 28th April 2014 (08:13am)

For the old times sake. Cheese and music = One of Oerath's poetic short stories. Enjoy!

Edit: Thank you all for the nearly 1000 reads in such a short time. Do comment and tell me your opinions about the work, if you just want. More to follow in near future! - Oerath.

The Last Flight of Rhaelyth

Determination guided her scaly wings that night
When she flew higher and higher, towards the end of the sky
But then she suddenly disappeared out of our sight
And at that very moment, arrows started to fly

Mortal men battling their cruel and meaningless wars
Hearts full of hatred, corrupted minds full of wicked thoughts
And just because she was in the reach of their archers
They decided to hail her with an army of burning arrows

And no matter how masterfully she flew, desperately trying to escape
Steel pierced her wings and fire burned through her skin
She tried everything to make her wings move, but her wounds were too grave
So she closed her eyes instead and said goodbye to her family and friends

Deep within.. Her heart..

But fate decided to interfere for one last time
And against all odds, she landed roughly against a very old oak tree
From there she fell to the ground, but somehow, she didn't die
And while she lied there, the other dragons from her brood quickly arrived to the scene

Oh, Rhaelyth, that was your last flight
Now hurry, rise up and together we'll find a shelter
You may've lost your wings, but do not surrender yourself to the embrace of night
Don't become an instrument of rage, don't become an avenger

Together, they escorted Rhaelyth to a nearby cave
And used their healing powers to mend her scorched wounds
But they knew that she wouldn't ever be able to fly again
And for that she could never forgive those arrogant mortal fools

And there was such fury and sadness in her eyes
When the elders refused her request to leave the cave
But in her condition, she would only go on a rampage and sow destruction and demise
For she was no longer herself and they feared that she would never be the same

'My wngs are torn, yet I can move them a little but still, the hope is lost. I won't ever be able to fly again. I won't ever be able to explore the skies, feel the joyful touch of the wind or race through the air with my children. All of those things have been taken away from me. By steel and fire, they took my wings. So by steel and fire, I swear that I'll take them down too. For now, my only choice is to remain in this cave with my family and friends. But one day.. When a mortal crosses paths with me, I may not be able to be forgiving or understanding. Mankind has showed to me that it has nothing, but cruelty to offer to the other beings that live in this world. Even us dragons, the children of the gods are not safe. None is safe as long as mortal men continue to walk the chaotic path they've chosen.. That is what I believe.'

'Months turned into years and from the shelter of her cave, Rhaelyth could only watch as her children grew up rapidly, met other dragons, found mates to themselves and eventually gave birth to their own children. Now more than twenty years has passed since the day, when she lost her wings. She still holds grudges against mortals, but she has also forgiven some of them. And little did she know that more than twenty years later, she would finally wake up from a nightmare that has been haunting her ever since that day. She would finally wake into reality and realize that it does no good for one to dwell in the memories of the past. Instead, one should look forward into the shades of future with bright and hopeful eyes.'

And so the summer arrived once more.. And then..

One beautiful summer day, she ventured out of the cave
Still longing to fly, she looked at the astonishingly blue sky
Countless flowers were blossoming and blooming, the whole nature was glowing
She had not seen such wonderful colors ever before and after all these years..
For once, she couldn't think about her wings anymore
The magic of that summer day made her burst into tears..

Weeping, she started to sing a song about losing her wings
But for once there was no hatred in her voice that had become soft, yet so strong
Was she finally ready to be that same old Rhaelyth, who was always so friendly and kind
None could tell, but they all silenced to listen to her.. For it had been so long..

Since anyone had heard her singing
For a dragon's voice can be both powerful and absolutely stunning
And there was such beauty in her voice, it was more than just soothing
Everyone who were present, even the birds, will remember that song forevermore..
'Cause the moment she started to sing..
Even time stopped and as her voice echoed through the lands and the forests
It overwhelmed everything!

The Feelings of Rhaelyth

My mind used to be full of hatred
My life used to be constant struggling physically
My thoughts used to be dark and depraved
My heart used to be broken, I was broken.. Emotionally..

But then, while residing in the realm of darkness, I heard a voice
It told me to leave that place, it told me to go outside of my cave and rejoice
At first, I wasn't eager to do as it asked, but then I rose up and did as the voice said
So I stepped out of my dim cave and to my surprise, I was no longer angry nor afraid

As the feelings that I had once casted away and left behind
Started to fill my heart, I finally accepted the loss of my wings
And at that moment, both peace and calmness found their way back into my mind
Upon seeing my past errors and mistakes, I finally realized that there are so many kind of things

Left to be done, before I'll be gone..
So once again, I want to be able to see that..
When darkness finally turns into light
When suddenly joy can be found instead of misery
When one can escape the shadows of the night
When one can find inner peace successfully

When coldness changes into warmth
When hate changes into love
When one chooses a totally different path
When one hears a true call of destiny from high above

The clouds..
And without doubt..

I may have lost my wings
I may have been unforgiving towards everyone
I may have done terrible things
But now I've found peace within my heart
All these years, I was wrong, but now I've chosen to become one..
With nature and this world..
I've vanquished my inner demons, I've freed myself..

And now I feel that I can live the rest of my days in a complete peace
I can finally forgive those men, who took away my beautiful wings
And now I feel that I can continue to walk the path of my dreams
I can finally say to myself and to everyone.. I'm truly sorry for everything..

'And before she even finished, we all were already crying. But for once, the tears we shed were not for sorrow. Those tears were for joy and joy only. Rhaelyth was finally the same dragon she used to be and we may never even know who we owe for that. Maybe it was The Mother Earth herself, who called out to Rhaelyth and convinced her to go outside, so that she would witness the beauty of summer and be healed even deep within her soul. Who knows, but the most important thing is that she no longer mourns the loss of her wings and bears no hatred towards mortals. Now she can finally start her life anew. Twenty years of sorrow is more than enough for a dragon to bear, now instead of that, let there be twenty years and more of pure joy!'

'A mysterious man stands in a great distance, holding his left hand against a pinetree. Wearing grey robes and his face covered with hood, he watches the dragons and their great gathering. A smile can he seen on his face, as he turns around, picks up his wooden staff from the ground and reaches out for something in the pocket of his robe. From there, he takes a seawax pipe, lights it's firebox and blows out some smoke. Raising his wooden staff into the air, he mutters a few odd words, shaping and changing the form of the smoke into that of a dragon. Sending it to fly towards the sun, he says:

'Rhaelyth.. Be safe and never let anyone to hurt you again. I must depart now, but know this. As long as you keep your family and friends close to you, you won't ever have to feel sorrow. Farewell.'

Rhaelyth suddenly feels a spark inside her mind, quickly raises her head and looks into the distance, at the place where the mysterious man was. But there's none to be seen. Then she realizes something.. The voice that she just heard inside her head, was the same voice that she had heard earlier in the day.'

'So it was you.. You called out to me and showed me a way out of that darkness. Thank you.. Because of you, I have found joy in my empty life again.'

And as she blinks her eyes and looks into the distance once more, she suddenly sees a grey wolf standing on the edge of a high cliff, howling at her. A grey wolf that she saw for the first time when she was just a little dragon. Nodding and smiling at the wolf, she watched as it turns around and runs off, disappearing into the afternoon shadows of a nearby forest.

Now there was no doubts about it. It was The Guardian of Woods himself, who had saved her. For only he has the power to purify the hearts of mortals and other creatures alike. He wields the power of life itself. He is the first child of the Arcadianth Gods..

He's Oerath Windsoul..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen