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The Dead Await Behind The Curtain of Rain

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Monday 28th April 2014 (10:30am)

Sometimes, we easily forget about the dead and the deceased. But shouldn't we stop for once and think that what if the dead lived among us, but in a different realm. A realm protected by a wall, a curtain. A curtain of rain.

Accompanied by a few riddles, poetry and mysteries. I present you the dead - that await - behind the curtain of rain.

The Dead Await Behind The Curtain of Rain

There is one old and less used, rough road that leads to a burnt and empty wooden house
Where all doors and windows are covered with boards
It is a house that was burned down for a truly worthless cause
And now that place is crawling with all kind of hideous beings, like rats, spiders and toads

Near that cursed house stands a very old forest
And a hundred mystical stones that have many tales to tell
In that forest, the trees act very strangely and seem to know no rest
And upon the arrival of evening, it gets so murky and cold
That the forest becomes the last place, where one would really want to dwell
(If you truly wish to stay there over the night, then be prepared.. Be bold..)

But one can still benefit from all of that coldness
By looking at the bright moon and the millions of stars that accompany her
Since at a low temperature, you can see the stars better and feel their unearthly timelessness
Oh, such strong moments should truly last forever

And as the night gets darker and colder
The wind becomes very ruthless and harsh
Now I advice you not to look over your shoulder
'Cause a very haunting mist has taken hold of the nearby marsh

And as the atmosphere takes a turn for more eerie and grim
The trees start whispering with each other
The crows form a dark gathering
With plans to summon the night's only daughter

It seems that the awakening of the dead is finally at hand
Now all we've to do is to wait for the darkness to fall
In a moment, it will take a complete control over this silent land
And transform all of the shadows into one long and unconquerable wall

Listen.. they are now awake, their strange chanting echoes everywhere
Now is your only chance, but don't do anything unwise or reckless
Even if you're fully sane and carry a lit lantern, I've to make sure that you're aware..
Of all that pain and sadness that their ceremony tells about
'Cause it may invoke your spirit of insanity and set you on the road of unending madness

But if you think you're ready, step closer and hold your lantern against the watery curtain
And you should be able to see into their nearly invisible realm
Throughout the year, they just stand there, covered in mud and rain
They do not know the comfort of light, their whole existence is one great circle of stealth

The night's daughter will soon be here at last
And then she will join the dead and together they shall sing
A song that has it's roots in the distant past
When the mankind chose to forget everything
(About them..)

Now, stand still and don't be scared
The ceremony is about to begin
And then, only the silence of the wind should be heard
If your heart bears no dark intentions or a single sin

And I assure you that the dead won't do anything to you, 'cause they hold no darkness or evil in their hollow hearts
And those of us, who blindly choose to damn them
Know nothing about real wounds and scars

The dead await behind the curtain of rain
And there they always shall remain
Together with the moon, there they sing songs that tell about their sorrow and pain
They want us to understand that their existence is not some cleanable stain
(that you could mindlessly just wipe away..)

Imagine what it would be like to live the rest of your live as an undead
Never to taste well-cooked meat or fresh bread, never to drink water or fine red wine
Never to feel any love, never to feel any hate, never to study or read
The curtain of rain keeps them apart from us
So do you want to become the first mortal to step out of the line

The dead await behind the curtain of rain for a better tomorrow
The dead await for you to step on the other side
So enter their world and embrace their eternal sorrow
'Cause they've already sacrificed so much, by deciding to trust to our kind

So don't misplace that trust..
Go on the other side and realize the truth.. For.. You.. Must
Why we decide to forget about the dead..
Is it in our nature.. Or do the dead cause us to feel that much fear and dread..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen