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Xaié, The Guardian of Knowledge and Lore (Re-up)

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Thursday 8th May 2014 (08:51am)

While this is a very old work of mine, I've always treasured this one dearly. It has very magical linings and stuff that I'm not sure could I come up with such a text these days. True to my more fantasy oriented works, this particular text still holds a very special place in my heart.

And without touching the base text too much, I present you a little updated version of 'Xaié, The Guardian of Knowledge and Lore.'

Xaié, The Guardian of Knowledge and Lore

'Do you know the stories about her, my child? Do you know what lies above the clouds of the sky?
If you look there during daytime, you will see nothing. But when the night falls upon the lands of this world, you should be able to see it with your own eyes, if you just look closely.. The Twilight Halls.. It indeed exists.. And those of us who manage to see it appearing during our short lives, should forever treasure such a sight.. Such a moment.'

Clouds are hiding something.. Something that we cannot see during the day..
But when the night arrives and all of that light disappears and fades away..
Only then we should be able to see an island, floating in the heights of the sky
And there she resides in her shadowy halls.. She is one with the night.. It is said that her beauty is more than just divine..

We always speak about her, she is mentioned in each of our tales and songs
And even though none of us have ever seen her, I believe that one day, she will reveal herself to us all
Maybe, when the time is right, she will show us a new path and tell us all of the truths
And once that day finally arrives, I hope that she will shower this world with the ancient light of the moon

Oh, Xaié, The Guardian of Knowledge and Lore
You're the daughter of the moon, you're the queen of all stars
Oh, Xaié, let the night come, let the shadows fall
As long as darkness continues to exist, it will always protect The Twilight Halls

There you sit on your crystal throne, reading scrolls and books from the times of old
Looking high and ever so far, creating new planets and stars
And always when the morning comes, always when the shadows cloak your halls
You go to the garden of hopes and dreams, for there you can rest and create new starstreams

There you can rest and hide from the daylight..
Oh daughter of the night..

And when she sings to the moon, the beauty of her voice makes all of the flowers to bloom
And when she touches pages of a ruined book, it's text starts to write itself anew
And everyday, when the night comes to it's end, she whispers to Vael Nemathrel
'My shadows, be gone, the morning shall come. Let this world know the true meaning of light, oh daughter of dreams and daylight.'

Even history is nothing without her care
She holds the keys of time and space
This world is nothing without it's starqueen and night guardian
This sky is nothing without the one, who can even restore the light of fallen stars

'And every night when the sun finally closes it’s eyes and all of that darkness arrives. She raises the moon to heights of the sky and enlightens all of her beautiful stars, so that we could see them shine.'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen