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More than a fantasy

Author - Amras

Written on - Wednesday 2nd July 2014 (12:32am)

I was often asked by friends and family alike about my love for J.R.R. Tolkiens works, what they were, and why i treasured his great novels above all else. I come from a family where Tolkien was unheard of until my older brother, although who is not a fan, brought these pages from the bookstore into my life. Thanks to him, i discovered these works of art in his shelf and greedily finished the Return of the King Appendices and all in four days. I was then only of eight years of age. Now, more than seven years later i am a staunch defender of the citadel of Tolkienism, like all these great people here. But again i was asked that why i loved a normal everyday fantasy fiction novel like I do. I replied by saying that it is more than a myth or legend, it is the work of heart, talesof loyalty and faithfulness to companions. Deeds of Valor, of morals, or just plain old English sense. What did Tolkien do to me and all of us who are here, he gave to us more to look forward to, more things to see and do and appreciate. For myself Beloved Professor gave to the profound knowledge of just loving and caring more for the "hobbit" aspects of life. Quirky and hilarious family siblings, a caring for others more than myself, and extra thoughts to fill the day with. Without Tolkien my mind would of been like Mordor, empty, a waste, full of fumes, craters, and fire.