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Avatar uploaded finally!

Author - Nirwen Celemirsel

Written on - Saturday 21st June 2014 (07:29pm)

Na vedui! (Sindarin: At last!)
I spent thirty minutes and FINALLY figured out how to turn the profile pic I wanted into .gif format AND into 70 x 70 pixels. First off, you can't download a file from the internet (which is what I do) in .gif format. You have to convert it into .gif. Second, I cannot find ANY pictures ANYWHERE that has only 70 x 70 pixels! I found a converter for that too, though, fortunately.
For anyone else who has had trouble with this, here's the link to turn it into .gif AND 70 x 70 pixels: http://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-gif
P.S. Copy and paste.