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A SailorĀ“s Fate (Re-upload)

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Wednesday 25th June 2014 (06:41am)

A Sailor's Fate (Sea is now my only home)

The waves kept hitting the rocks on the seashore
There he stood, still and emotionless, he didn't care anymore
Everything that one could lost, he had lost it all
In one cold and dark nightfall

The woman he had loved, was now gone
There was nothing left, nothing to be done
So many unknown faces, mocking words and cold stares
He couldn't take it anymore, so he decided to follow her into the dark waters

He sank and sank, down into the depths
But he didn't drown, somehow his life didn't end
He took a knife and tried to cut through his own heart
But somehow his heart couldn't even be torn apart

By realizing that the gods wouldn't let him to die
He decided to stay down there for the rest of his sinful and unending life
No last words, no goodbyes to anyone
He wanted to be forgotten, and soon he found something that could help him to become one
(With the sea..)

From a shipwreck, he found an old, but long rope
First he tied it into his right leg, then he tied it tightly around a mossy stone
Then he found a yellow sailor's jacket, a brown hat and a pile of human bones
He dressed up the jacket, placed the hat into his head and looked up to the shores

There, a ghostly figure stood on the edge, it was the spirit of his dead wife
And at that moment, a tear of joy and sorrow fell from the corner of his left eye
He waved his right hand and tried to whisper to her, but his faint whisper faded into the sea
Then her spirit disappeared and so he wiped that tear off his left eye, before anyone could see

And then for one last time, he looked up and this time he looked at the blue sky above
And he thought that why men do such strange things for love
Then he closed his eyes and started to dream a shadowy dream, hoping that it wouldn't ever end
Not until he would be forgiven by the gods and finally be allowed to ascend

'If they want me to be down here for a thousand years, then I will face those thousand dreams without any doubts or fears. I am a sailor, sea has always been a second home to me. And if I've to stay down here, then so shall it be.'

Fifteen years later..

'An old man was fishing at the spot where the man had drown himself, when suddenly, something grabbed unto his hook. He reeled the fishing line of his fishing rod and to his surprise what he had caught, was a brown fisherman's hat. But, before he could take it off the hook, a hand covered in seaweed and moss reached from below the surface and grabbed the hat, pulling it back into the depths. The old man got scared so badly that he took the oars and rowed as fast as he could, but while he kept rowing, strangely, he kept hearing singing from the depths of that sea. It was a man's voice and it kept repeating the same lines all over again: 'I am a sailor, sea has always been a second home to me. And if I've stay down here, then so shall it be.'

'And after telling about this to the local townsfolk and fellow fishermen, they all boarded a large ship and the old man took them to that part of the sea, where the horrible event had taken place. One of the men had a diver's suit, helmet and one oxygen bottle and after a few minutes of preparations, he was lowered to the sea by the other men. He sank for several minutes, until he reached a point from where he saw a man, whose leg was strangely tied into a rock that laid in the bottom of the sea. The man was appeared to be wearing a yellow fisherman's jacket, but he wasn't sure about the color, 'cause the man was all covered in seaweed, moss and mud. In his head, he had a brown fisherman's hat and to the diver's horror and surprise, his body was quite fresh. There were no signs of decaying on his face or in his body, so he assumed that this man had only been down there for a day or two. But, when he moved closer to take a look at the man's face, the mysterious man suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the diver's hand. The diver went into panic and tried to get the man's hand off by all the strength he had, but then the man started to speak and by looking straight into the diver's eyes, he said the following words:

'They won't let me die, the gods.. Love ever so despairs.. I tell you.. Love is nothing, but pain! I should have been stronger.. By trying to drown myself, I only ended up to curse myself. Now, be gone and never return back to this place. Tell to your kind that this sea should be forgotten, nay, it shall be forgotten. Let me be forgotten, because that is what I wish for. I haven't been forgiven during these past fifteen years, but I forgive you by letting you go. Tell them this.. And tell them that love.. Love is full of despair.'

'After hearing these words, the man let go off the diver as he promised. The diver didn't hesitate, he pulled the rope of his helmet, signaling the men on the ship and so they started to lift him up. And after a few minutes, he was safely back aboard the ship. And when his friends had taken him out off the heavy suit, he removed the helmet on his own. His hands were shaking and his eyes were full of fear and insanity, but he still managed to tell them what he had seen and what the drowned man had said to him. And a few days later, due to wishes of all local fishermen that part of the sea was closed and the drowned man became a legend and a myth. Even the sea's name was changed to: 'The Forgotten Sea'. And after these horrible events, none ever went even near to that place. And there, in the deepest depths of the forgotten sea that sailor still awaits for the gods to forgive him, but he no longer sings the song that he used to sing in the past. Now his words are few, but they tell more than a thousand mortal words could ever tell.'

'Forgotten and alone.. Sea is now my only home.'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen