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Autumn Night

Author - Nirwen Celemirsel

Written on - Tuesday 29th July 2014 (12:05am)

Moonbeams cast a gloomy pall over
Dark leaves floating to the ground
The wind drifts and seems to hover
Then spins and wildly dances through the trees

A perfectly formed golden leaf
Ripped fiercely from its shadowed branch
Flutter silently to the ground
And lands beside its brothers without a sound

Light from the full moon above
Battles with night's shadows
And night is once more void of
The reflected light as clouds wisp across the moon

A wailing hoot come from the
Crouching owl blending quietly
With the darkened trees
Dusky feathers ripple as the wind giggles and flees

Thanks you, Oerath! I took your suggestion and it's autumn-night-shadowy. Shadows win. I'm thinking of doing another poem about an elf (LoTR-based), but I usually do nature, so wish me luck. Thumbs Up Smilie I usually rhyme them, and use the common four-stanza in each poem. But I don't think I'm going to rhyme in the elf-poem.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed it!