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And so They judged the weight of my existence

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Wednesday 16th July 2014 (07:18am)

Embrace the Lovecraftian madness; for the journey begins, only when you care to reach out for the insanity deep within.

Just kidding, but do enjoy. This one's a shout into the past. For H.P. Lovecraft!

And so They judged the weight of my existence

Long I climbed.. To reach this desolate place
I see no flowers, no trees, no other creatures.. It's better this way..
For I've seen things that no mortal should ever see.. I've seen the ultimate fate of this race..
And I tell you.. That so little we matter to those, who patiently lie dead in their sleep.. Under the waves..

Unholy, yet hallowed they're.. Beings far older
Than this doomed world itself
Born from tempest of the universe; creations of the cosmic order
From stars they indeed came.. And as our age dawned, they began accessing our dreams via their forgotten temples..

Cease whispering.. Oh tormenting wind
I wonder.. Were the shadows always this.. Obscure.. I don't really know..
Though.. It's not a secret.. They all speak of it.. They say I'm no more that man, who I used to be..
And there couldn't be truer words.. For you see.. I have become nothing, for my thoughts and dreams are no longer my own

No longer where to start..
Long ago, I learned of madness; but not how it was invoked
It didn't take long for them to tear my world apart..
And wrathfully I cursed everyone I knew, yes.. I was provoked..

Then they began to appear to me in my dreams
Dreams that always took me away, to an ancient underwater city
There I dwelled, from night to night, in those shadowy and dark realms
Until I could no longer remember, how to return from shades back into reality

Darkness fell over me for one last time
And whilst my trembling mind, haunted by their chants and strange whispers
I decided that I could no longer be a part of it.. I could no longer serve, do their bidding.. I would even die for them? No, but I would die to gain freedom.. I'd gamble my life.. A thousand times over..
To not.. Be condemned.. To dwell forever in those temples of tremendous insanity and pure impossibilities, unnatural designs of strange and mad structure and matter, of which quality.. Is too dark and disturbing to describe..
And I wasn't ready to sacrifice.. Not myself, but the others.. In those odd; dread filled blood chambers.. Still echoing with screams of the former cultists and servants alike..

So I escaped from the city, from the dream, or so I thought
But in the end, I guess I didn't..
So am I here or am I not, have I already killed myself, or am I about to do so
Madness has made it's lair into my mind.. A lair of maggots, snakes and vile spiders..
I don't know what to believe or what to think, 'cause I don't even know what is real and what is not..

Now.. That's how it all came to be.. No more that.. Only little
Little about my journey, but more about my final fate on this earth so sluggishly black, yet so green
I grew tired of walking among the horrors that we let freely to lurk in the night
And as my final effort to set things right, I threw myself from a most high cliff into the embrace of night, for my eyes had already lost their light
But did it truly happen.. I mean, madness is just madness..
Oh.. Am I even certain about my own death..
For the Old Ones.. They do not just let you go..
They await in all silence, in the most forgotten places of earth..
For you to repeatedly join their unholy rituals in one of their cities below..

The waves.. Of the seas.. But one thing that I know is that they've patience..
To sleep dead, to influence the dreams of men, from under the seas..
With obscure images, twisted mysteries and promises of power in hideous means
And so they judged the weight of my existence, and deemed me a weak mortal one..

Oh, the Old Ones..
I hope.. If just those words about my death were real..
Then I'm no longer a part..
Then I'm truly gone..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen