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Of A Dreamer & Music of The River

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Wednesday 30th July 2014 (06:08am)

This is a work I wrote about one month ago, but I never posted it anywhere. So, now the time has come! Enjoy.

Of A Dreamer & Music of the River

Part I : To the watermill, enter the dream

Bright and clear blue sky waits ahead, the wind is absolutely still
The sounds of nature echo everywhere in the forest
Up the cliff and down a steep hill, there lies an old water mill
And there I shall go, for I'm in need of some rest

Smoking my sea wax pipe, I sit on the mill's porch, dwelling in the realm of dreams and thoughts
Wondering and pondering about many kind of mysterious things
Nearby river runs with ease, it's water radiates calmness and peace
Summer season has began and as I look at the sun, I wish I had a dragon's wings

For they've been granted the unique gift of exploring the skies
They're able to fly across all of the regions of this wide world
Their spirits are imbued with magic and their hearts burn with a flame that won't ever die
A dragon's soul is immortal, so even if their physical bodies would fade into the dark beyond
They wouldn't ever truly be gone..

Well, a dreamer can always dream
A great dreamer always gets lost at the starlight sea..

But oh, why every dream and every thought
Must always come to an end
I'm a mortal hero, a wanderer who once fought
Alongside those mighty winged beasts of legend

I'm a servant of the mother earth, the protector of her woods
I only fight by using my knowledge and wisdom
And as my only weapon, I wield the book of justice and a thousand truths
I do not serve any king, I do not fight for any kingdom

My journey never ends, it's been long since it even began
And wherever her evergreen paths may lead me
I've sworn to keepsake a very precious instrument on her behalf
A flute with a power to resurrect that which dead should be

For the flute's wondrous magic to work, you need to become one with the nature
You've to be able to hear the melodies of the sky and the music of the river
Your intentions must be pure, your spirit must be able to endure
In the face of defeat, your heart must be able to accept a failure
But believe in yourself, take the flute and play it's song of life
And become one with the spiritual world forever..
Use it's unique and divine powers to do good
But remember, only interfere the work of destiny to prevent..
A soul from fading into the realm of no return and never

Part II : The false awakening, call of the fear

My sea wax pipe lying on the floor, it's firebox empty
Cold and black ashes spread across the mill's porch
I can't even hear birds singing, am I really back in this reality?
It sure was a strange dream, but what is this.. It seems like I'd need a torch

For it's so dark, I cannot really see
It seems that my dream was longer than it should've been
Night is about to fall, the shadows are ready to devour all good things
They're lurking everywhere, behind every stone and every tree

I wish I was a sorcerer, so that I could cast a spell of light
And ignite a white bright flame in the dark of the night
I wish I was a warrior of immortal strength and ancient might
So that I could strike the darkness down on sight and end it's vicious life

But oh, there's no escape, I must face the night's shadows
I cannot lose my sanity now, I cannot just break down and surrender
Yes, I may feel lost and afraid, I may feel empty and hollow
But I must try to summon all of my courage and face whatever waits out there

In the darkness..
Must exist a safe path..
I can't wait for madness..
To invoke my wrath..

I must abandon all hope..
And just walk into the night..
Oh moon, save me from high above..
Grant me some of your pale light..

I want everything to be alright, but I've my doubts..
For a dreamer like me, darkness feels more than just dreadful..
Oh, why won't you appear from behind the clouds..
I know nothing of courage.. Oh how dreaming can be so cruel..

Part III : Daughter of the night sky feels remorse

'And there I saw him..
A broken man on his knees..
His face pale and his thoughts dim..
A dreamer left with nothing, but shattered dreams..

And I couldn't just ignore his pain
So I decided to grant him a portion of my luminous light
Pray, mortal one.. Your prayers haven't ever been in vain
I wouldn't ever let you disappear into the night..

So, please accept this gift and with it, vanquish those threatening shadows
Decide to believe in yourself, the night's reign will end
You'll live to see the dawn of tomorrow!'

At the last moment, when all hope seemed lost
Monstrous shadows ready to devour him whole
A wanderer, ready to pay fear's ultimately high cost
Too weak to rise up, his mind broken, all alone

Suddenly, something strange happened indeed
The clouds disappeared from the sky, giving way to the moonlight
The wanderer looked up and arose on his feet
He couldn't believe his eyes, he didn't know why, but he realized
That he had regained his courage, vision and sight

And with the cold, yet bright blue light of the moon on his side
He lit up firebox of his sea wax pipe and threw himself into the night's embrace
Time to be bold, time to prove one's true might, he was no longer afraid of the night
'I feel no fear, oh it's been so long since the last time, I felt like bravest one among the whole mortal race!'

Part IV : I've conquered fear itself

The moon smiling at him from high above
He left the mill's porch, following the path he had followed before
Desperately trying to find right way back to his home

Then he heard the river playing it's joyful melody
Divine voices accompanying him on his journey towards ultimate victory
Singing to him songs about days of the past and about forgotten glory

Then he found the path, the clearing and the grove
All of the sights he had seen not too long ago
When he was suddenly greeted by a flock of black crows

They knew how to speak and so did nearby trees
And at that precise moment, the wanderer thought that was this just another dream
But they all convinced him otherwise and told him to look far into the outer seas

Look out there and tell us what do you see, and don't tell us that you see nothing at all
Look out there and tell us how much you'd desire to be free
Look out there and embrace the magic, the impossible and the supernatural
Look out there, for what you now see is nothing more or nothing less..
Than the deepest wishes of your wildest dreams!

Oh, dreamer, hear the music of the river once more
A mythical call from the depths that will make you shiver
Behold, the waterfalls that run down from the sky, all the way down to the ocean floor
See the fishes jump in the air, just like birds they take flight
See the great turtles swimming freely in the sea, under the rainbow and the crying sky
And close your eyes, feel the wind cherish and wave your hair, this is a moment to be remembered
Forever and ever!

The ocean is roaring, warm summer winds are blowing, the whole world is calling
Countless adventures are waiting for you, this is your chance, you've nothing to lose
Who knows what awaits at the end of this world.. Mysteries unsolved, fame and gold, secrets untold
So go now and follow the signs in the sky.. And with their heavenly guidance you shall begin..
Possibly the greatest adventure of your life...

Part V : The true awakening

Oh, it seems that I was sleeping all the time..
But it sure was a very interesting and a most strange dream
The river is babbling nicely, the water mill is silent and I haven't even finished my glass of red wine
And it seems that there's truth to the fact, that a great dreamer always gets lost at the starlight sea

But now I'm finally awake, it's time to head back home
Up a steep hill and down the cliff, there I must go
All candles are out, ashes lay cold on the floor.. Strange, I feel like I did this all some time ago
Why I can't seem to remember.. Or could it be.. No.. Maybe only the gods truly know..

The End

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen