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The land of the Lion.

Author - Amras

Written on - Sunday 17th August 2014 (09:35pm)

Ere the century had passed before the Land of the Lion had come into being. Power and civilization it spread throughout the earth, reaping the harvest and homage it received from it's cubs. The Pride spread, growing steadily, until the Lion had many stripling heirs. The Jackals and Wolves grudgingly excepted the just power of the Lion, though the barbarous peoples never forgot their humiliation at the hands if their noble victor. Then suddenly thd Great Cub became conceited and power hungry, and rebelled against his sire. But still the Lion took this loss and even gained new territory for the kingdom. The new age went forward, and the Jackals were restless and were instigated by the Wolf. The kingdom of the Lion foundered, and many future heirs were slain or shackeled down, but still many endured the tide. Then the Red Machine awoke, driving it's grip forward, and the Wolf was it's chief. Through the long ages the Kingdom of the Lion outlasted them, until the Wolf, through treachery and usurpation cloaked the Jackal in quietness, and the Lion's folk for the most part were deceived by the Jackals. Then the Red Machine silently worked through the Pride, sending emissaries into therein. Then the Pride for the most became frail and afraid, for a secret deluge of Jackals had rode and lived with them, but falsity ran through them. Then one by one the enemy separated the Cubs from the Lion, and they all either died from lack of provender or became beacons for the enemy. The Red Machine than attacked the Lion itself, and the Jackals in the kingdom rebelled and through their hoods from their faces. The Folk of the Lion quailed and surrendered their territory, but last and terr stood the Golden Lion himself, and he took and slew many of the Jackals, but the Red Machine rose forth, and the Lion fought for it's life. With a Roar more moving than the deep it shook the earth, but it was alone and the Wolf and his Jackals slew him, and the world flew into darkness, and the just realm of the Lion was no more.