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Gleaming Fire of Ancestral Pride

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Saturday 9th August 2014 (05:16pm)

Gleaming Fire of Ancestral Pride

Oh, sons of the cold sun, you who are always on your guard
The bravest of all warriors of Midgård
Your ways are wise and so is your cause
Let the fire burn brightly in the night, gleam as it might
Always remember the deeds of your forefathers, of your house

In the end, it's your strength and fury within
That matter the most to your kin
You must strive to gain honor and fame
Do not dishonor your family, do not let tragedy befall you on your journeys
Always praise the nordic gods, and uphold your family's name

Watch how the river runs, nearly frozen, still it flows
Baptize your axe in it's pure waters, then your shield, bow and arrows
With the cold enchantments upon your weapons, you shall prevail
You're going to war, to battle, there you must wear the captain's mantle
With a thousand viking warriors by your side, on a golden war ship, you will eventually set sail

But those days, those days of darker fate
They still lie far ahead of you all
For tonight, when thunder meets the snowstorms of late
You'll heed Thor's allmighty call

And this how it shall be
Take a knife, and spill your own blood
Let it fall proudly unto the snow beneath your heavy feet
For your blood sacrifice shall grant you the ever-lasting protection of The Thundergod

And in face of the night, the sun will hide
And in the full moon's light, with aurora's dancing wildly in the sky
You'll shout your names aloud, cast the runes unto ground without doubt
And light up the gleaming fire of ancestral pride

This is the beginning of colder tides, for both sides
But do not lose hope, a new age will dawn, you just have to carry on
You'll face many kind of threaths, death and war both lie ahead
But for now, let all warriors under your command - bask in the ancient light of the moon
Watch the frozen flowers come to life for a moment, watch them rise from below the ground and bloom
The spirits are awake, old chants are being sung, now is your time to make – a bonfire that will shine throughout the night, so cold and long..

And with the nordic gods present and by your side
You'll light up the gleaming fire of ancestral pride