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The time has come.

Author - Amras

Written on - Tuesday 19th August 2014 (01:33am)

Love, there is a saying etched in mankind's roots quoting thus: love conquers all. But love is something refined, worthy, and full of charity abound. For in order to give this to your only you must loosen the shackles of the world that surround you. In order to love you must, in spirit, and in essence, give your body and soul behind your beloved. To love at the loftiest peak of perfection is rarely achieved by serving yourself and honoring your Juliet, place first in your heart the complete endeavors of keeping your love safe. The time will and has come, when your spirit will be tested against terrible odds, but believe not only in yourself but in the bond between you, and follow not the path that prepareth comforts to you only. True love does not only channel through lovers but of kin and friend also. Nothing more is sweeter in the whole world, nor can adversity be compared to, when true love reaches your heart. Mountains once high and rivers once broad will be more than a pebble under your foot if your love stands between. The time has come, and if you fully give your entire soul to your lover, than pain gone through for them will become eternal happiness.