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Author - Tyfir the Bloody

Written on - Thursday 29th January 2015 (10:01am)

Ok so I know its not like lotr or anything tolkien, but I made this for a myth and monsters class this year. Its not perfection, since its like the first thing Ive ever written. But hey! Hope you like it!

Astraea was born a human. On the night of June 17th, 175ad., demons attacked her village almost wiping it out and also slaughtering her whole family. The survivors of the gruesome attack assumed that because she survived she had caused it through some witchcraft, and proceeded to torture and sacrifice her to appease gods. In accordance with Dante’s Inferno she was sent to the 9th circle of Hell, the Betrayers. She spent a longer time than she could recall stuck in ice and being tortured by demons. Every day she screamed and begged for someone to believe that she didn't do it. Lucifer heard her screams and had his demons bring her before him. He listened to her story and sided with her. But because no one can leave hell, he granted her to not be punished and gave her a position as a Soldier.

She went to Slecin, the Forger and he made her forge her own sword: Exorcist, and her helmet: Absolution. Her leggings and arm pieces are carved from the bones of Di Raizel, Great demon of the River Styx and a higher up in the rebellion. The rest of her armor is the skin of Nephilim she's slain. Lucifer then assigned to work the lowest circles of hell,(5,6,7,8, and 9), hunting for runaway demons, dishing out punishment on sinners, and battling to quell the demons revolution. Astraea loved her job and cherished every blood soaked moment. Her first kill, a Medium Rank demon in the rebellion, was in broad daylight. He was walking down a street and she leaped behind him with silence and stealth that would make even the most elite assassins envy her. In one quick motion she shoved Exorcist through his body. The move was lightning fast, over within fractions of a second. She then proceeded with a bloodlust filled rage to slice his body into three pieces and mount his head on a pole in town. Blood flowed down the street that day, with her standing in the pool of it. She relished the feeling of that kill and of the feeling of blood dripping down her and washing over her feet from the demon she just slaughtered. On that day her fate was absolute and she knew she had to kill more. Lucifer applauded her actions and rewarded her with more bounties of stronger demons. She became legend slaughtering these filth and would always come back to Lucifers throne, soaked in blood, and leaving a trail of it through his great white hall. Lucifer loved her work. He and his inner circle thought of her as an artist with how she killed. She was a legend and a curse to those who went against her. There was even a tale in which an entire battalion of rebel demons ambushed her. All that was heard that day was the screams of terror, the cracking of bones, and the wrenching of flesh being torn from bodies. If you go to the site today all you will find is hollow skeletons and ground, soaked red with blood. She single handedly wiped out a quarter of the Rebel forces in the entirety of Hell. With the rebellion slightly under control, Lucifer allowed Astraea to hunt demons, wicked souls, and monsters on earth. She smiled in delight at being able to return to earth. She returned to her village where, when she entered, she was immediately attacked by guards. The whole village was soon wiped off of the map after that. Nothing left but rotting bodies and festering rivers of crimson blood. She then, with the help of an unnamed demon, tracked down the filth horde who slaughtered her family. She sliced with lighting fast precise blows and cut her victims down. She staked them up, displaying their bodies to passers by in a warning none will forget. In her return from earth Lucifer was so pleased and delighted with her work, granted her a young wyvern, Tyfir. She trained him to carry her and her things, Forged him armor, Sharpened his claws and teeth, and ultimately made him war ready. Their first fight he proved himself worthy by decimating an enemy corp, and leaving the mangled corpses in the open for everyone to see. She was very pleased with Tyfir, and because of his abilities, forged him better suited combat armor. To most they were an unmatched team, Especially to the enemy ranks. But the greatest threat came from her own side. Abadon, The Knight of Hell. Because her background and closeness to Lucifer, Abadon despises her. She loves Lucifer and thinks of herself as the best in his army. When Lucifer gave Astraea a position as a Knight of Hell, Abadon was so furious she slaughtered an entire friendly battalion without warning or cause. She was constantly challenging Astraea to fights and duels and has even attempted to assassinate her because she deems her “unfit and un-pure” to be a soldier of hell, let alone one of its top knights. Their first match, Astraea won because Abadon lost her cool and flew into a rage. She took this moment to put her in her place, breaking Abadon’s weapons, and forcing her into submission with Exorcist at her throat. Abadon was furious she lost to such filth and vowed revenge. Lucifer was extremely impressed by how fast Astraea could wield her giant sword. He was also very impressed that she kept up with Abadon and granted her to be a Knight of Hell of the Inner Circle. An honor that hasn't been granted since Abadon won it 5000 years ago. Abadon was furious. She vowed to strike Astraea down and to display her wretched corpse all over Dis. Abadon researched for days to find any weakness in Astraea. One day she found what she was looking for..

Astraea was slaying enemies left and right, decimating rebel forces and leaving trails of blood and mountains of corpses strewn about. Abadon came up behind her in the middle of battle and tried to attack her. Astraea blocked the first attack and swung her sword at the Knight. Abadon leapt back and rushed her, clanging her sword against Astraea’s in a brutal fight. Anyone caught in it was surely doomed a terrifying and gruesome death. Hour after hour Abadon fought with Astraea. The clanging of swords was music to their ears, and they kept the symphony going and going. Abadon leapt back once more, and had two of her lackeys bring forward a prize. Astraea’s families souls. Astraea was furious that Abadon would do something like this. She cared about her family more than anything, and seeing them used as bargaining chips spiked rage in her heart. She accepted Abadon’s bet. She wins, her family goes to heaven. She loses, and Abadon tortures her family for eternity. They fought once more, Abadon rushing in first surprising Astraea and making her flinch. Abadon took this chance to strike her down once and for all, hitting her sword brutishly against Astraea’s helmet, chipping it. Astraea knew if she kept letting Abadon exploit her weakness of her using her family like this, she would surely lose. She swung and swung, clanging Exorcist against Abadon’s blades. The symphony of clanging blades began once again. and continued until Abadon was almost defeated. What Astraea didn't know was Abadon had a card up her sleeve: Astraea’s family wasn't leaving here no matter what the outcome. So as a shock method to make her slip up, Abadon had one of her lackeys slit the fathers throat and let him collapse in a pool of blood, gurgling for his life. Astraea was stunned. She couldn't move at the sight of her father like that. Tears streaming down her face, Astraea attacked Abadon without holding back and was evermore closer to beating her. But Abadon once again, determined not to lose, had Astraea’s mother killed. In that moment Astraea broke. She snapped inside and went into a full on rage. Screaming and crying she battled Abadon to the death. But in her rage she slipped up, miscalculated and Abadon shattered her helmet, causing it to fall to the ground in pieces. Astraea’s blonde hair fell down and Abadon saw her face for the first time. Tears and blood flowing down her face, Astraea once again attacked and once again in her rage she screwed up, missing a blow, and allowing Abadon to lay to small incisions on her abdomen. Weak and weary, blood caking her sides and cheeks, Astraea once again strode forward to attack. Abadon could see in her eyes she was close to death. Close to finally breaking. The symphony of metal continued once more, for hours again, Until it became dark, and the only light was from the flows of lava and fire. In the dim light they fought, barely able to see. And anyone who was watching could only find them if they saw the sparks of the smashing blades. The fight continued through the night. In early dawn it was easy to see Astraea was going to lose. She had many cuts and gashes on her body. Blood caking her skin. Strips of flesh hanging off, and armor cut away. She was tired and weak and weary.

As the light slowly rose, the fight continued, all eager to see the outcome and if Astraea would rise up and become victorious. Abadon knew she was going to win, and so she let the fight drag on, only to show her superiorness. She slowly, and brutally, cut Astraea apart. Piece by piece. Strip of flesh by strip of flesh. Abadon, becoming fatigued, decided it was time to end the fight. She rose up her swords and slammed them down on Astraea’s, shattered Exorcist in half. Astraea was shocked her blade had broken, but was not about to give up. She rose up and Swung ferociously at Abadon, backing her into a corner where she used the last of her strength and will in one final blow. It was for nought though. Abadon blocked it, and kicked Astraea’s broken blade out of her hand, knocking Astraea down in the process. Astraea back away and got up slowly. In one final act of courage to save her family she rushed Abadon and tried to punch her. Abadon stepped out of the way of the weary and weak knight, causing her to miss. She did this several more times, until she couldn't stop laughing at how pathetic Astraea was like this. She asked how this little weak girl could've been a Knight of Hell, or how she even became the legend she was! She let Astraea come at her once more, but instead of moving, she raised her swords, and cut an X into Astraea’s front side. She moved around to the back of her and did the same. She repeated this until you could see bare fat, muscle, and bone on Astraea’s frail and war weary body. Astraea, barely standing, spit in Abadon’s face. Abadon wiped it off, looked at her pathetic opponent, and thrust her blade into Astraea’s stomach, twisting the blade to and fro, causing more excruciating pain and causing Astraea to fall to her knees. To the horror of everyone watching, including Astraea’s family, Abadon kicked Astraea around. Beating her. Abusing her already beaten opponent. She continued until Astraea was within millimeters of death. She picked Astraea up by her hair, and looked into her fading, bloodshot eyes. She stabbed her in the stomach 3 more times before cutting her hair in her hand, causing her to fall to her knees on the blood soaked soil. Abadon raised her sword, and looked down at her weary opponent. She raised Astraea’s head with her foot on her chin. causing her to look into her executioners eyes one last time. Abadon struck the final blow, ending Astraea’s life in one lightning fast motion. Everyone watched in shock as Abadon laughed maniacally and picked up Astraea’s head. She tossed it around and played with it like a ball. Finally kicking it over to Astraea’s family’s feet. They watched in horror as Abadon crushed the head underneath her foot, and murder them all, one by one. With her deed done, her vengeance taken on the wretched soul that was Astraea, Abadon returned to Dis, carrying Astraea’s broken blade. She threw it down in Lucifers White Hall causing all to reel in shock that such a mighty warrior would have fallen. Abadon kneeled before her Lord and bowed her head she told the story of Astraea’s fall in battle. Lucifer, already hearing the news of the fight, stood up, and without a word, drew the blade of Cain, and slew Abadon. Spraying portions of her blood across his hall, while the rest poured out onto the white marble floor. He knew what she had done, and he was furious about it. Thus justifying the death of Abadon. Avenging Astraea.