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Coldlight Flashes

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Thursday 27th August 2015 (07:30am)

Alright, this is something I wrote some months back, but never posted for some reason. Maybe it was, 'cause I thought that this particular work had too much, ehm, sadness or something in it. I don't know. Or maybe I thought it too strange for people to read. Oh well, now you can decide that yourselves. I'm not sure what I can state as the source of inspiration, maybe a mass of different things. Well, sorrow for one.

A spelling check inc. sometime next week, I actually - once again - wrote some new details into this already 'complete' work, so now it should feel even MORE 'complete'.

Good reading times!

Coldlight Flashes

Written by: Oerath Windsoul

'.. In my heart, sorrow won't ever cease to be eternal.'

One cold and misty night, I saw strange coldlight flashes
Coming from the quiet woods near my home
And once I got there, I saw lightning burn one tree to ashes
And ghostly beings standing in the shades of a large grove

They noticed me, greeted me friendly
And asked from me, if I had something unique to give
I reached for my bag pack, and to my surprise, I found something very haunting
A stone statue depicting a deformed, yet an angelic creature with scaly wings

And their odd and silent gestures
Fascinated me beyond what I'd call extraordinary
So as a friendly gift, I gave them that stone statue
And they placed it upon their wooden altar to complete their scene of spiritual imagery

Then they formed a full circle
And joined their hands together
Then I witnessed a great miracle
For it suddenly started to storm and rain
Almost like it had always been so

And there they were again, those strange coldlight flashes
But this time they only lingered about, and then suddenly opened a mysterious portal
The ghostly beings advised me to take the portal, for they said that it would take me to a place far older than this world and it's bleak landscapes
But what I would see there.. And could such an otherworldly experience make me feel something? To this they said, that it would make me think of my own mortality..

Nonetheless, I entered the portal and found something..
The home of those ghostly beings
Which revealed itself to be the home of not a few, but all spirits
And not only those of normally deceased..

And at first, it was so dark, since there was no sun
But then my eyes finally started to see
And then I saw a thousand souls unite and become one
That event alone made me realize my own fragile mortality

And then a black moth took flight
And as soon as it had flown out of my sight
I saw saddened faces of the lost souls in the dark blue sky
It was them, whom had shown me those curious flashes that autumn night

And their sorrow forced me to kneel down in shame
For I was ready to make a very noble sacrifice
But then they begged me to rise up, and instead of my blood
They asked me to speak out my name
And in a blink of an eye, they had already looked into my heart
And then they kindly declared that I've come far
And that as a human being, I seem to greatly value life
Then those coldlight flashes joined together
To show me an image of all those, whom the violence of our world had already claimed
And oh, all the sadness that image held scarred my mind forever
But it also made me to think that could I become their savior..
The one to bring about wonders in his wake

Because I was so grateful.. For once, my aura truly glowed
For what I had seen, for all those things I had never imagined to see
All of that sorrow and torment just a few images can show
It's so unimaginable, and I feel ashamed to have been a part of it (though I never was, I still always were)
Such meaningless violence..
But alas, I've been forgiven..
(That is what I believe..)

And now I want to use my given powers to do good things
Thus I wander the woods in search of my dreams
I do not question my supernatural beliefs
For I know that everything has it's purpose
Every little bird, every tree and every forest stream
It's not up to us to change that course, we mustn't strive to reverse
That which the mother earth has created

And under the trees of black and white
Trees with such beauty and height
I stand in the embrace of rain with the ghosts, the lost and the denied
Knowing that even the sky cries for each soul that we lose every single night

And I may not live to see another ten thousand dawns
But I want to believe in something powerful.. In something so much more..
And haven't they suffered for long enough
Who are we to cut their ties to this world and it's many hopes..

And suddenly, there was a bright light..
And then I finally returned from their world
And I felt reborn, my life finally felt complete
Though now I know that our race is truly cursed
And I'd rather just become lost myself..
For all eternity..

But still.. I wonder..

A deformed, yet an angelic creature with scaly wings
Could it be me.. keeping watch..
To see beyond all and everything..
Is to be free to stop dreaming?
Since it's not even certain does death's cold touch
Unlock the secrets of true life itself..
If such a thing even exists..

But at least now I know why..
I saw those strange coldlight flashes..
That one cold and misty autumn night..
When I traveled beyond the sky
And watched from a great distance, as my love for the earth disappeared
And never has my heart
Felt any real warmth ever again
Coldness gives me comfort and it keeps me apart
From those, who would call violence their only friend

And I still remain in the same place, I continue to stand there
In the middle of that quiet forest
But my eyes have opened far and wide, I've no reason to beware
Of those, who would come to silence me.. For I am ever so aware..
That by acknowledging the lost souls..
I can peacefully lay down and rest someday
For that is now my.. honor and calling
The only possible way..

Oh, those of you who are forever lost..
I believe that despite everything, one day you'll find that better place..
You never did anything wrong, and still, you were the ones to suffer the most..
And for that fact, we should never forgive a vile thing called the human race..

Oh, those of you who are forever gone
From the face of this earth
I regret that I may not join you yet..
For I still haven't seen all of my dawns
But I know.. that those responsible..
Will face a fate more crueler than any death..

And leaning on my walking stick, I prepare to face another day..
Lost souls, be kind.. And lead the old man's way..
Have faith in me, I'll try to cure this world of black and gray
I'll promise to spread your words of sorrow, until one day, I too will fade away

And the wings I received, when I was born
I'll attach them into my back, when the moment's at hand
And like an eagle (a deformed one), I'll fly into the eye of a great storm
Never to return.. For the night is cold, and so is the blackened land..

Coldlight flashes..
Empty memories..
None really celebrates or dances..
Under these sorrowful and quiet trees..

Rainfall begins yet another morning..
Just as colorless as the one before it..
And even clouds can't form joyful images without shattering..
The very dreams of not one, but all spirits..

This may be wrong to say, but oh coldlight flashes..
Whatever comes, please don't burn this wretched world to ashes..
It may be wrong to ask, but oh coldlight flashes
Would you spare these people, so that someday you could finally rest?
It may be wrong to say, but oh coldlight flashes
I believe in justice and so do you.. Don't ever become that which you despise and hate..
It may be wrong to ask, but oh coldlight flashes
If I joined your ranks now and took us all away..
Would all of those tormenting images inside my mind truly fade?

'Cause I know that through these images, I won't ever forget the fact that in my heart..
Sorrow.. Won't ever cease to be.. Eternal.