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Read the Frontpage News article I posted today about the new movie 'The Hunt for Gollum' a prequel to LotR. To view the trailers now, and the movie on Sunday, Click Here.
Has anyone else heard about this movie?

The trailers both looked well made and I almost thought I was looking at Viggo Mortensen under all that dirt, but of course I wasn't.

New Line Cinema and the Tolkiens will probably try to keep it from happening, hopefully they can't.
It does look that. I'm impressed, but a little worried. Parts of it sound kinda melodramatic and cheesy. Like Gandalf's parroting of Galadriel from LOTR:
"If you can't find it, no one can." vs "If you cannot find a way, no one will."

Though the elf in there really -looks- like I'd imagine an elf. Features and all. This should prove interesting.
Fans who put quality over profit? Don't think this will go through.
I'm Impressed, it looks really good and obviously the makers are passionate about LoTRs, it definitely looks worth a look.
I guess they were able to get around the intellectual property thing by being completely profit free, they probably couldn't even cover their costs. That shows real love and commitment.
For and Indie that looked awesome Smile Smilie
Wow... I am impressed. Even for a low budget, fan film, it looks pretty good. Can't wait to see it! Big Smile Smilie
Run, Sm’agol, run!!
The movie was actually pretty good, though the ending could be a bit confusing.... Good watch. Big Smile Smilie
I couldn't get there today 2330 GMT; they either were overloaded, were hi-jacked, or were taken down, the links wouldn't work for me.
I got to see the movie today and it was pretty good; though the sound volume was too low. I had everything crank everthing up as high as I could and then I could hear the words.

All in all I liked it and it felt truly Tolkenesque, looked Jacksonian, and sounded Shoreian.
they have done it well.Gollum is good but i don't like this Aragorn....
yea i feel the same, but it was pretty good, but u can c the differance between top production mainstream movies and this, but still very well ddone! Smile Smilie
This looks impressive for purely fan-based material. I'll look forward to finding the time to watch it. From what I've read, it seems like a good few hours of watching. They may have kept more to the books than PJ did Elf With a Big Grin Smilie