The Voidhungerer's Fate (of Morgoth Bauglir)

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Friday 15th September 2017 (06:17pm)

Greetings. It has been a while, has it not? Well, I re-located my legacy of works over to Allpoetry a few years back, so I keep them there now, in store, not scattered, but the works that are here shall forever remain. I have a solid UG following there, something I always wished to have in means of fantasy fiction etc.

Ready for something about the one, who was cast out into the outer void? I bet you are, darkly so.

Here we go.

The Voidhungerer's Fate

The others.. they just wish to sing,
divinely they would bring forth wonders
in their wake, with which to brighten Arda,
yet why.. why there must always.. be wonders..
pitiful.. I.. want to.. hold the cinders.. of life itself..
in the palms of these hands.. only to.. break them.

'My mind, unlike Manw?'s, is something.. very different, for the first time I sang the song of thought, I envisioned the birth.. of Balrogs; demonic winged beasts of molten fury.. then the arachnids; venomous and deadly beyond all limits, along with which came the giants; taller than most oaks,
but only one mountain there would be....he, who would come to rule..
from within the great underground stronghold of Angband.. me.. Morgoth.. Bauglir..'

Their sacred singing I would interrupt,
their deeds I would undo,
their purpose I would steal away, to corrupt..
is my truest gift, for I am knowledge, I am eternal!

'They shall not accomplish anything within the great vision of E?, for I am ruin, no.. I am more than that.. I am.. the end!'

'Tulkas.. cursed be ye and all the Valar.. you dare to bring the fight to me.. watch the light.. vanish from the world.. the lamps Illuin and Ormal.. soon to be nothing, but a pile.. of broken; starry glass..'

'I built this marvelous palace with my own bare hands, and above it lie the Iron Mountains, Ered Engrin by their name. And there I sit, in the dimmest and longest of all halls of Angband, upon my black; carved throne of the finest metal. When I give the order.. an army of the good-hearted weaklings of the allied forces of Beleriand and it's free folk.. will be slain.. just.. like.. that.. for with utter decimation.. I shall finally claim this world.. as my own..'

'And Yavanna.. recklessly she planted the seeds of moonlight and love unto the soil of Valinor.. such.. foolishness. The trees that grew out of them, Telperion and Laurelin.. oh.. how.. I.. would.. wish.. to.. see.. their.. light.. extinguished.. for good..'

'Come forth, o' great Maia spirit, you, who has ravaged your way through the ranks of Aul?, slaying his most elite officers in your bloody rampage. Come, and receive my blessing.. of black blood, distorted music and darkness of the ages. The life of this excuse of an elven highlord is yours to take, devour on his soul, collect it as your own, for from this day onward, your name is Sauron Gorthaur. Now.. take.. his.. life.. and.. prove.. your.. worth.. to me!'

A terrifying shout of the dark lord echoes
along the lightless halls of unholiness,
where many a creature of unspeakable evil
await, preying in the darkness,
their faces concealed,
only thousands of eyes
stare restlessly from within the shadows,
yet a fate is only sealed,
when the doors of the end will open at long last,
the void called to me, I answered swiftly,
through the dreams I walked,
I never felt any love, pain nor even sorrow,
for with my otherworldy powers..
gifted to me by Eru, the One, I have seen..
into the future.. and in it..
it is I, who shall become the destructor; the accursed enemy..
and these.. prophetic dreams.. have convinced me..
that Valinor.. is not a place for my kind of being..
so.. I.. must leave.. but first.. I shall destroy her.. precious trees..
for I.. have the power.. to shatter all dreams..

..I am Morgoth Bauglir, and the world shall come to know my wrath,
but now, I must steal F?anor's Silmarils, and go into hiding,
in secret I will plot and carefully plant the seeds..
of chaos.. of evil.. and of doubt, for I deceive..
I whisper.. I command.. my existence was meant to be..
for dim right from the start.. was the color..
of my very.. spirit.. and I shall rule.. all of Beleriand..
with an iron fist.. and in time..
once I have created my gruesome army of monstrosities.. his holy power.. the eagles.. such.. arrogance..
no.. none of you.. shall interfere.. no.. not this time..
this is how.. it was meant..
to.. be.. no.. the void..
it calls me again..
I.. hunger.. I.. must..