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Heya Smile Smilie It's been 5 years since my last visit to PT How are you folks ? I wonder if some of my old friends are still around It is so good to be back Big hugs to everyone

HI Mellon, sorry to say but PT is a ghost planet these days, all good things must come to an end and PT's end came prolly 10 years ago. Modern social media such as faceplant and you tube have destroyed these old forum platforms. 

Hi Mellon! Welcome back. What Rho said is true I'm afraid. Since the movies finished, and what with social media and a new generation coming through most of the Tolkien websites have either closed down or are ghost towns. PT continues to live on though.

The new LOTRs series next year...? might generate some interest. Barring that you could take advantage of the GOT thing and maybe combine that Author and series too? I know you tried(or was it that other fulla that bought PT for a while?) to combine the Narnia universe for a while...

Hi Mellon! How are you. I'm still around mostly and I miss the fun we had back in the days!