And so I dream on

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Sunday 24th May 2015 (07:11pm)

Alright, I've been working on this for quite a while. At one point, I didn't even have a glue how to end it, and I'm not even sure has the work itself reached it's end yet. Oh well, that aside and I've been writing quite a lot. Got many works in store, some unfinished stuff, some story material in the works.

So all good in the camp.

Now, lay back and chill. This is going to be a mix of so many things. I just hope anything of it isn't too much.

Here among the stars..


And so I dream on..

Black ravens cry in the darkening sky
As the ancient elemental lords gather around
The burning blade of the forgotten sage
Lies in the bottom of the spectral lake, oh..

When the golden leaves fall from the branches of our highest and most sacred tree
To rainy and moss-covered ground
The arcane lines of the sky will turn into crystal clear waterfalls from joy and delight
And then she will walk among us once again.. Oh, daughter of all light

All stones and jewels of the world will change their colour into midnight blue
Shining their otherworldly light throughout the raging tempests of the universe
And all mermaids living across the endless oceans will sing their enchanting songs to you
As you slowly descend down from the stars to grant us a divine audience

You walk in the air, like you'd be walking down the longest of all stairs
The more closer you get, the more you look like a shining star
Yet your undying beauty remains.. Your luminous aura silences the storm.. And ends the heavy rain..
But have you come to tell us something great or to just simply say farewell
Is this the dream of dreams, the quiet end, am I finally going to see what lies beyond the dark veil?

Oh speak to us, you who are so far away from all this darkness and dusk
We want to know what it feels like to be a child of light, or are we not worthy of your love?
The black ravens, the ancient elemental lords, the forgotten sage and the burning blade that lies in the bottom of the spectral lake
All this shall be given to you, if you grant a portion of your eternal light to us
Oh you, who don't have to worry about the matter or the time
Your thoughts alone could stop the arrival of another night
You smile down upon us from behind the clouds
Just like your mother, you're a burning soul
And you do not age.. You won't ever have to let go..
Off the memories..
That are floating in the starlight stream
Inside your mind, where everything is possible..
The silver moon shines down upon you, as you sail across the shimmering sea
No waves, just blue all around you..
No sounds, just you ’ singing alone to the moon
Would this be your most dearest dream?
'Cause you never had none..
Yet I know that you always had them all..
Would you set sail on a golden boat across that shimmering sea?
Would you join hands together with me and enter the dream?

And to truly live that wondrous dream..
Is to go beyond this sky and beyond this world
To walk bare feet upon the still surface of the starlight sea
Oh I don't think that feeling can be described with any mortal words
And even though that feeling doesn't exist in this so-called reality..
It means nothing, 'cause to you and me that feeling is more than just real (I know how you feel)

And only good thoughts upon our minds, and no pressing worries upon our hearts
Our aura's gleam so brightly that soon we'll outshine the sun
As we continue to tread forth in the sky with nothing but clouds beneath our light feet..
Oh we're now walking on a higher plane of existence, the cries of the world can't reach us
We are like burning meteors, ready to clash into the dark ocean as the starchilds that we really are
Though why would we ever even want to go down, when we've managed to come this far

Oh I can see the edge of the world of dreams
It feels so unreal, yet I see everything so clearly
I've managed to grow an eagle's wings, 'cause I've always believed..
That the true joys of life come from seeing things that you shouldn't really see
And to achieve that goal.. One has to be able to fly..
And once I'll reach the end of the great sky..
I'll show you what I meant..

Landscapes unlike any you've ever seen..
All children of the seasons working together with the spirits of the endless seas
High and spiraling towers, rich and beautiful forests and countless galleries full of paintings about dreams..
Creatures from any kind of fairy tale.. Kings, warriors, dark sorcerors, demons, witches, dragons, fairies and unicorns.. Everything your imagination wants there to be..
And if you look into that world's sky, you should be able to see three suns
Does that sound too much? Or does it sound like a perfect place..
Believe me, beyond both time and space..
Exists a spark of hope for this dying race..
And there you won't ever have to chase..
All those years that you lost..

Here among the stars..
Beyond what you always thought to be the sky..
These realms hold no limitations..
Only a few could withstand the mass of images and thoughts..
That I now behold..
So listen to your heart, and open up your mind..
For here among the brightest of stars
You are about to walk through the spectral gate that is your mind
Just say goodbye to the ways of old..

Leave it all behind..
Turn the key in the music box once more..
The music box that she gave to you on your last birthday..
Listen to the soothing melody..
It won't make you cry this time..
For that melody..
Is all you need..
No more hopes and dreams..
No more days spent walking on empty streets..
Just let go off this reality..
Here is the key..
To the new world of dreams..
Where nothing is what it seems..
Yet there you can see things so clearly..
And there you won't ever have to let go..
Off immortality..

Just leave it all behind, of daughter of all light..
All you need to do is to unlock the gate that is your mind..
Just leave it all behind, all thoughts were made to fade into the night
Here among the brightest of stars, you can start it all anew..
To let go off everything is the final stage of a dream that's called life..

And so I dream on
But I don't dream about life
I will always carry on
And I don't even have to care about whether I live or die
'Cause here among the brightest of the nightstars..
Nothing matters much, 'cause I've overcome the little thing..
That's called time..