The Funeral Song of the Evening Rain

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Sunday 12th July 2015 (11:43am)

And so the forgotten poet of love returns..

I found this one from one of my many archives, and I really enjoyed of re-writing it. I'm also going to do the same process to many other similar works that simply are in need of re-writing.

It's going to be so much fun! Smile Smilie

PS. And don't worry, new material will come.. In time. Smile Smilie

For now..


The Funeral Song of the Evening Rain

Written by: Oerath Windsoul

I still remember the day when you passed away..
And I still regret I wasn't there, when your soul broke and disappeared..
But I haven't ceased to love you, and as I close my old and weary eyes..
I can still hear them so loudly..
The funeral chimes..

Is someone still ringing that bell?

And as the night falls, I walk through the doors of our dream house
Darkness is the only thing that keeps me alive, it gives me hope, it makes me smile..
And even if I'd be lord of the golden stars, lord of the weeping sky, or lord of the blessed earth
I couldn't still do anything.. Because I know.. That nothing can bring you back from the cold realm of death..

'And so, I had to accept her death with bitter smile and heavy thoughts..'

And as I now leave these black roses on your grave..
I know that my love for you will change their color from black to red..
And even if I won't ever see you again, the memories of you will always live on inside my heart..
The sky is opening once more.. The moonlight will find it's way through the darkening clouds..
And so we all silence for a moment of sorrow and pain.. This is the funeral song of the evening rain..

Come, shadows of the night, you've to follow me..
I'm slowly becoming one with the spirits of time and eternity..
I know that I can't bring her back to life, no matter how hard I'd try..
But I still want to say goodbye to her for one last time..

There is nothing in this quiet world left for me..
Only broken dreams, grief and wounds that refuse to heal..
And if you truly wish to honor her memory..
Then you'll all kneel beside me..
And sing..

Sing out the words!
Let her hear your prayers!
We used to share the same soul..
I hope and believe that she has become something so much more..
Holier than what she used to be..
'Cause she deserves it all..
She was the woman of my dreams..

She always stayed by my side..
She always stood together with me against the night..
But in the end, it was the shadows that took her away from me..
And I guess I still don't believe it..
It's so hard to face the reality!

I remember how she always managed to heal all of my wounds and scars..
And even if she's now gone, I can still see myself holding her in my strong, yet gentle arms..
But I'm truly glad that she is now one with the moon and all of her golden stars..
For now she won't have to take any part in this bloody war..

And no power in this world could ever take away all of my memories and my love for her..
The funeral song may be over, but the black ravens will guard her tomb forever..
And I will strive to carry on, though I know that I don't have much time left..
But believe me.. When the time comes.. I shall wholeheartedly welcome the end..
One of these days, I'll come for you..
'Till then, I'll continue to bring these black roses..
Upon each and every full moon..