Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Sunday 19th July 2015 (11:00pm)

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Written by: Oerath Windsoul

A melting candle..
A single snowflake..
The memorial stone of finest marble..
And a silent wish to make..

A hooded man..
A falling tear..
Trying to understand..
Why.. Oh what a sorrowful year...

A lost princess..
A broken comb..
My beloved mistress..
Now lies all alone - inside the black tomb..

Grief has blinded my eyes..
And turned my heart numb..
To me, all light has already died..
For so did the child in her womb..

It was none's fault..
Yet she blamed none but herself..
She ended her life in my castle's bright evening hall..
I couldn't do anything.. Oh, I tried to support her.. I tried to help..

For you see, she was to be my wife..
Two chosen souls, we were lovers indeed..
And a ring in my pocket turned into a knife..
When she chose the coldest of all destinies..

And now all I can do..
Is place red roses upon her grave..
Do I look broken enough to you?
Oh, even the winds keep whispering her enchanting name..

I find myself unable to continue my life..
I know that none else in this world could ever have my love..
I've made my choice.. That ring which turned into a knife..
Shall now grant me a chance to meet her..
In a quiet place.. Somewhere high above..

Apart in life, together in death..
As if we never even walked upon the face of the Earth..