Inject, Operate and Replace

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Wednesday 26th August 2015 (04:54am)

Yeah, I know I'm quite gloomy, so don't be mad to me about it! Big Smile Smilie

So, this is a work that I, uh, worked on for like 2-3 weeks. It's concept is not one of the easiest ones, but I still hope you all will find the work readable and most of all, enjoyable.

On with the show then..

Ladies and gentlemen..

This is..

Inject, Operate and Replace..

Inject, Operate and Replace..

Can you even hear it anymore? You know?
The voice of sanity..
To you...

Heavy thoughts often produce a weak smile
The hand of Death reaches far beyond what we can see
First you say there are red lights dancing in the sky every single night
And then one morning, you'll be the one they'll come to retrieve!

The system that is slowly becoming your mind
Is constantly trying to tell you that for now you are alive..
But a few more added parts and even if you were blind
You would still see, but you would no longer feel the touch of life

Why you keep asking? Why you hesitate?
Is it because you still think you feel something..
Are you even sure about your own body.. All that hidden pain..
How is your current physical and mental state?
Bones and flesh are just in the way..
Fix it all by adding metal is the only way..
'Feelings, emotions and sanity, get them all removed today!'

Enter through the hospital doors of no return
Where the insane operate on the guilty and the innocent
They say you can't drown, they say you can't even burn
Yet above the door that leads to the operating room, it says:
'We humbly welcome you to the end..'

So let the surgery begin! All other known methods have been tried..
Have pleasant dreams.. Here.. Here, Hush.. Now.. We operate on your body and mind..
Calm your thoughts and take a deep breath.. Please, would you also slightly turn your head..
This is vital information.. The accelerating red light on your right measures your heart rate..
And the numbers indicate that: You should already be dead...

Now.. You might feel a little dizzy..
But do not panic, it's all under control..
A few unknown substances injected into your brain can make you feel..
A little trippy.. A few new things there and there..
See this hammer? See this chipper?
And now, please look into the mirror.. Do you see them?
Yes, those are holes.. There are now holes in your fragile skull..
They go deeper and deeper..
But do not worry..
Even if feel a little sick and your vision might seem a bit blurry..
All possible side-effects should pass after a while..
And soon.. You should feel all new.. And fine...

'Meanwhile in the daily new world order news..'

The nation-wide status report says: Only four hundred and twenty thousand minds were corrupted today..
But oh, it doesn't even have to end.. We can take things even more far by starting to operate on those, who are not even aware that their bodies have been severely weakened..
Their desires to cling unto humanity, it's all too strange..
Aren't people mature enough to accept the future:
'We must embrace the change!'
Time takes it's toll on human body, your strength wanes with age, your memories slowly fade away.. Even names become lost.. And that's why keep saying that:
'Surgery is the only possible way!'
Dreams that you used to have are slowly taking over real shapes and even whole landscapes.. But you wouldn't care.. Now you don't know why you should even choose to lean towards the gods and pray.. To you, dreams and life have become the one and the same, but to us... 'Well, we just think of these things as a part of the world today.'

Hot news of the day!
'The Resistance is still.. AAlive.'

.. I wonder..
How much do they even know...
Do their deeds even represent the future.. Either way, it seems that all has been in vain...
Mankind has truly lost it's way...
And that...
Time won't even need to show..


Why do we let them do it.. Is it even right that they mutilate our bodies and empty our minds, 'cause you never really know what kind of a killer or a madman hides behind those calm blue eyes..
Why do you keep living the lie? Is it because the government says:
'As an advanced human being you won't most likely die.'
Trust has never been more misplaced, they're just toying with our lives.. 'There is no other choice!', say the masked men, all dressed in nothing but bloodstained white..
Their orders are so simple, they don't even have to care about time..
Because all hospitals are nearly full of patients.. And hence the operating rooms are now open day and night.. But don't worry, you are now on the list of all Artificially Alive-patients worldwide..
So how about you go to the end of the long waiting line and wave goodbye to those who are still.. Alive..

'And here is your waiting ticket. Please, do enjoy of your stay at our hospital... Goodbye.'

Now your new name is: Patient: three thousand and three hundred thirty three
Your destiny is to become one with the machines, never to know what it is to be free..
You feel what they let you feel, you see what they let you see...
And at the end of each day, they tell you to swallow all the colorful pills..
Which will finally let you experience what we normal people call: A dream...
But you might get so used to it that you could just easily decide over a one night's sleep: 'Why should I even live, when I could just keep dreaming and forget everything about what is fantasy and what is real.'

Inject, Operate and Replace..
We're trying to create a better race..
Inject, Operate and Replace..
Soon you won't have days what to chase..
Inject, Operate and Replace..
Many people these days, they just simply disappear without a trace..
Inject, Operate and Replace..
Yet they say..
That it's truly the only way..
Oh what a bitter day..
To choose a side..
And then flip the coin in the air..
Oh, by the way, are you really ready to die?
Though never mind..
It seems that I've won this game fair and square..
'Cause whatever side you chose, it shouldn't even count..
You can no longer even trust in your own memories..
You can't feel any fear, you can't have any doubts..
You trust only in your few instincts, and follow the road wherever it leads..
You don't think about tomorrow, the day after it, nor the next week, the next month or even about the next year..
You don't remember most faces or recognize some of your friends anymore.. Your heart has long since ceased to pound..
You're no longer alive, and everything that you know..
Is simply there 'cause you're so programmed, that soon you won't even remember what it used like to be a human being.. In the days.. Of old..

'And now, Patient: three thousand and three hundred thirty three, we will fill in your details. Please, follow me. And oh, the estimated time until your surgery may begin is twenty-eight hours and thirty minutes. You may wait for the surgery at the lobby. It is just around the corner. But first, we have to fill these documents. So, how about we start with a name?'


Subject: 3333..
Name: Unknown.
Date of Birth: Unknown.
Status: Artificially Alive.

Weaknesses: Too many..
Surgery Method: Level 9, tormenting beyond human limits.
Replaceable Parts: All.
Working Schedule: 20 Hours.
Recovery Time: None.
Enhanced Physical & Mental Abilities after surgery: +190% better than normally.
Humanity Left: None...
Memory: -55%
Common memories: Subject won't be able to remember anything from before the age of twenty-four.
Solution: More procedures.
Surgery Methods In the Future: Inject, Operate and Replace......