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I don't know where my nickname comes from, my name is actually Tarrant (yes that's my first name), which came from a series my parents evidentally used to watch called 'Blake 7'.

Aren't parents a pain at times?
All the time my boy was waiting to fall out, I was adament his middle name was going to be Gandalf. I was only joking, but I figured if I insisted on something really bad, the wife would cave-in if I came up with something more sensible, and thus, I'd get my own way.
Thing was, I came home from work one day and she'd been in to register him. She'd took me seriously, and now the poor lad's stuck with Gandalf. He'll hate me for it one day.
Hi LadyofLegolas. Nice nick. You aren't a Legolas fan by any chance? Wink Smilie If so, I take it you have visited his drool thread under "characters"?

My Nick is derived from the main character from my novel (not published). I dont think she would mind!

Her name I originally got from a science fiction show, which I have forgotten the name of, about time travel. Smile Smilie
Well, my isn't all that creative, really. My hair is red and one of the syables in my name is "nell" It just happens to be a nick I use for pretty much everything so I don't have to keep track of where I am.
Well.... I'd have thought mine was really obvious really. Tell me which did you think were strange LadyofLegolas? Animated Wink Smilie
an old nickname of mine is 'chickie'...and part of my name is Kat...I put them together and then accidentally misspelled 'chick' when I signed up for the name...
Mine is explained on three or four other threads already. It's Sindarin for Val (power), Edhel (elf), Gwath (shadow).
Well mines kinda obvious, no? I'm a backstabbing bastard... Wink Smilie
And mine comes from 'Grond the Hammer of the Underworld', the name of Morgoth's war mace, and after which was also named the ravenous wolf-headed battering ram that a little too loudly, knocked at the gate of Minas Tirith. Smile Smilie
Mine is non-Tolkien. It's the answer to the universe according to Douglas Adams, much missed Sad Smilie
Thanks for your interesting answers... PlasticSquirrel, I still don't get yours... you a squirrel freak or something? And yes...I am a legolas fan and I will check out that thread! Thanx!
Actually, Ladyoflegolas, if you like to go on treasure hunts the answer to your question about Plastic Squirrel is in the forum somewhere. I'm not quite sure where exactly. Interesting story, however.
At university I studied ants for one year of the genus Gnamptogenys. We used to call them the Gnampies.
That explanes my user name.
Yeah, I never remember exactly how I came up with the name, it had something to do with a greengrocers though...
But it is the name I use to record under, so I thought I'd use it as a nick as well. The vague and ever changing story behind it (I do in fact really hate those tasteless plastic squirrels you see in people's gardens, and I'm not too keen on the real thing either) is all over the place, but I think the definitive version is on my website somewhere.
It is on your website, Plastic. Window shopping can be dangerous!
Well, my nick is the name of one of the women characters from a fantasy novel I'm writing. It is somewhat similar to the Tolkien name Rian (mother of Tuor) and initial E is the same as in my real given name.
Lol! Rednell has hit it on the spot there!
Suppose mine's obvious! Big Smile Smilie
Mine too I suppose. Big Smile Smilie

Although my alter ego (Danger Mouse or DM) comes from my initials. Used to be called DM in the hockey team when I was a wee girlie, and when Danger Mouse the cartoon came out..well it was inevitable that I became the dangerous rodent. Especially since I used to whack opponents' ankles with my hockey stick a lot. On purpose. Very Evil Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie
I don't know where my nickname comes from, my name is actually Tarrant (yes that's my first name), which came from a series my parents evidentally used to watch called 'Blake 7'. Ever since I was at secondary school everyone has always called me 'Taz', and I mean everyone!

So I guess that's kind of my name in life as well as my internet alias.
Really Taz!
I always thought you choose Taz because you like the cartoon with the Tasmanian devil.
... my name is actually Tarrant (yes that's my first name), which came from a series my parents evidently used to watch called 'Blake 7'.
One of my local PBS-TV stations, KBTC Tacoma, which for years has broadcast a weekly hour of the Dr. Who series, also reruns the 'Blake's 7' sci-fi series every few years. It isn't half bad though it doesn't really have the legs of the original 'Star Trek' series, but it is fun to watch once in a while. To keep these programs on the air, we viewers have to pledge $15,000 twice a year during two pledge break evenings.

The British made program was about a bunch of miss-fit rebels and their fight with the corrupt Empire/Federation. Tarrant was the good guy who took command after Blake was captured, killed-off, or retired from the program.

As a name goes, Tarrant is unusual, but isn't as bad as 'Ford Prefect' or any number of female names that have been given to boys. Taz is one of the best nicks, as it is short and brings to mind WB's cute little ferocious Tasmanian devil.
Man, named after the worst sci-fi series ever, that's not good, and after the guy who had to take over after it got even worse as well, you have my deepest sympathy Taz mate, as does Val's son.
Val, your son is very lucky that you didn't want to give him the first name of Gandalf! At least he doesn't have to tell too many people his middle name! Smile Smilie
He was actually quite proud when I took him to see the film. He kept saying, "Daddy, that man's got the same name as me." Still, I don't think he'll be too happy when he's older.
Aah, that's us, you know. Winking Smilie

That new heading is indeed lovely. Allyssa: what's the name of Tolkien's father again? Oh yeah, got it now, it's Arthur innit? Big Smile Smilie Lovely name. But what's wrong with Ronald? Can understand why you wouldn't name him Reuel, and John's a bit of a common name, but Ronald? It sounds all right with me.
LOL! Must be great to be named after a wizard! Big Smile Smilie
You couldn't just call him Tom, couldn't you? Tongue Smilie
Blake's 7 You mean there are other people on the planet who liked it too! *feels better about self* I was adicted as a kid. Taz - be greatful you weren't called Avon! or Villa! or ....evern worse... Orak? Servalan was a great villan. The computer's had attitude - especially orak - and the space ships looked like 60s light fittings. Have you ever seen an episode Taz?

Val, if it makes you feel any better, I get the feeling that we will be seeing more "Gandalf"s, "Aragorn"s, "Arwen"s and who knows what else after the release of the movies. My son is named after Tolkien's father if that helps (I didn't want to call him John, Ronald or Ruel) Smile Smilie
Well Val, I seem to remember that JRTT did not invent the name of Gandalf, he borrowed it from some Nordic saga if I remember well, you can tell this to your son if he won't be content to have that name one day!
You all have such interesting answers! I've been on vacation and I was surprised to find so many answers... when did p-t get that new heading? I love it!
You all have such interesting answers! I've been on vacation and I was surprised to find so many answers... when did p-t get that new heading? I love it!
We got our new look within the last twenty-four hours. Loverly isn't it. In Love Smilie
Sorry Allyssa, don't *think* I have, sounds cool however Tongue Smilie

Check this out.

And especially this:

[Edited on 3/7/2002 by Allyssa]
Haha brilliant! Thanks Smile Smilie
Ex-Federation starship pilot. Stole a Federation ship and found the Liberator in the wake of the Galactic War. Having nowhere else to go, joined crew. Very impulsive and headstrong.

For those of you didn't read back or know, my real name is 'Tarrant'.
Very Big Grin Smilie
Now that explains.
Very Big Grin Smilie
How about this:

"Tarrant" is from the Old Welsh and means "thunder". It could also be related to the Japanese "Taro", which means "big boy" (there's an awful lot of shoes which are fitting here, aren't there!).

Cool Smilie meaning for your name. Wink Smilie

[Scorpio launches from the Xenon base.]

TARRANT: All main drives and boosters running.

[Explosions detonate the Xenon base. Scorpio leaves orbit.]

Very Big Grin Smilie (suits PT right now!)
See Taz! your name really is COOL Cool Smilie
What's wrong about Reuel???
Reuel? Just didn't like it, not sure why really. I suppose I wanted something fairly mainstream, but wanted to honour my favourite postAuthorID at the same time. At the moment, both my kids are big LOTRs fans, but that could change.

I didn't like Ronald because it suggests a certain clown figure affiliated with a certain fast food resteraunt.

John is too mainstream.

oops. I made a little mistake. My son is actually named after Tolkien's Grandfather. I didn't like Arthur either. Too Arthurian Wink Smilie
Personally, I wouldn't like Reuel cos I have never had any idea how the hell you pronounce it!
Since John is too mainstream, then I assume you chose Benjamin.
Is that the name of Tolkien's grandfather? Didn't know that... Big Smile Smilie

Plastic: I have the same problem! Now, when I had to introduce my essay to the class, I had to mentioned the name of the postAuthorID, so I said his full name, to show my teacher I knew the full name, and you know what happened? Afterwards he said to me: is that how you pronounce "Reuel?". I said: "To be honest, sir, I wouldn't know." "Neither do I, but I was hoping you could tell me!" Tongue Smilie So who knows?
I always pronounced Reuel to rhyme with 'jewel'...
Since John is too mainstream, then I assume you chose Benjamin.

Big Smile Smilie
Since John is too mainstream, I chose Grondmaster. Big Smile Smilie

(I felt John753 just wasn't me) Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I wonder exactly how many 'John's there are out there...actually, did you know that Jonathan isn't in the top 10 most common baby names? (My neighbors are deciding on a baby name and I saw in the book...I was surprised)
My nikc comes almost straight from my real neme. My real neme is Sami...and another reason for this nick is this: Samwise was my favorite hobbit in LotR...He was so faithful and so on...He never left Frodo alone...except when he tought Frodo was dead.
ProgHead777- Prog is short for Progressive Rock which is my favorite kind of music (most people think it's program or programming and that I'm in the programming business). Head cuz it's all I think about...well, almost. 777 cuz 7 is my favorite number. I use this name for everything. BTW, I think the name Tarrant is cool. I like uncommon names. My real name is Christopher... Boring Smilie
Hey Prog, you are named after Tolkien's son! way to go! Cool Smilie
I like Jonathan. But it's not so common here either, though I know a lot of babies named Jonathan. Cool Smilie
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