Thakresis, The Black Realm

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Tuesday 17th January 2017 (02:39pm)

Hullo! Long time no see, folks. Up for a new read?
Well, here you go. A completely new story setting from me. Each chapter will feature some background story at the beginning, and of course, they will be poetic tales, but focusing more on story, while still letting you to enjoy of the poetry of it.

This will be a dark journey, so I hope you're all ready for one. Smile Smilie
Dark, but with style. Isn't that obvious?


Thakresis, The Black Realm

Chapter One: The Witch and The Spectral Gateway

Written by: Oerath Windsoul

'Agnusso Memgortha was once one of the few sorcerers, who you could call renowned or known, but that was before his uncontrollable lust for power led to his ultimate downfall. He robbed the great vault of the Demon King Woordakh, and was sentenced to the five stages of death. Burn, drown, the wheel, iron maiden and hanging tree. But what did he stole from the vault. Well, Agnusso stole a mighty black spellbook, of which knowledge upon reading and devouring could grant anyone power beyond comprehension. Unfortunately for Agnusso, his powers didn't awake at first, and thus this event led into his cold fate. Did his powers awaken then? Oh yes.. After being resurrected upon each death, Agnusso was finally buried alive with a purpose of silencing him forever. And yet from under all that earth and mold, Agnusso dug his way through back to the surface. He now possessed magnificent abilities and unlimited power, even though all that suffering and death had rendered him into what we all would look like, if our flesh would be taken away from us. He was now nothing.. But a skeleton as high as a mountain, and he now had a pair of bloodred eyes, filled with screaming rage and imprinted images about the bonfire that had burned his skin and flesh.. So more or less, he was now a god and a skeleton, and so he started to call himself.. Memgortha, The Skeleton God. After countless of efforts, Memgortha was finally banished into the outer realms, where he still awaits for someone to summon him back to Thakresis, The Black Realm.'

In the heart of grim and forgotten woods
Lies the hut of a strange old woman
Dressed in robes worn by time, wearing a ragged hood
Through dreams, she visits the elder realms forgotten by mankind

Inside her filthy hut, there's an unholy stone altar
Human trophies, lit candles and opened skulls; all filled with blood
There's been nearly starless nights before, but not even a single star..
Will appear in the stormy dark blue sky..
For she's about to summon an ancient evil..
And his name.. Agnusso Memgortha, The Skeleton God

She sees everything in a new kind of shadowy light
Her wicked mind is filled with incantations of the black realm
And only death and chaos reflect back to you from her mad blood red eyes
Eyes that can see beyond this world and that of the dead

Oom-hiim-aar-domn (''To him, the breaker of bones.'')
Yath-zeen-trii-astuum-roknah (''I drink from a skull filled with blood.'')
Triah-ekhon-saarthos-riith-omn-dreth (''Return back to this world! Your home, the corpse garden of tombstones awaits.'')
Drakh-umbrei-xakrosh-memgortha-quatriin-akh (''O' Hallowed Deathbringer Memgortha, The Skeleton God.'')

Memgortha, Memgortha
It is I who calls, your eternal servant of darkness
Their bones I've crushed, their flesh I've cut and weighed
Stones of power and the spectral gateway
Powered by my demonic soul; ready to summon you back to this twilight world

Memgortha, Memgortha
With my eyes gone lidless, I stand before the altar of serpents
I've the book, the knife and the jar full of extinguished voices..
My black heart races of joy, for I am ready to present you my final offering
An old, yet powerful body; for your vessel I desire to be

I've abandoned my human guise, with a scythe I cleansed myself off all traits of humanity while I dreamed
I've cast it all away.. My flesh is cut and my skin is torn..
All this to become one with your skeletal supremacy
The ritual is nearing completion; and little do the earthlings know
That their world is about to be damned for eternity

'The next two chapters will involve more story about Agnusso Memgortha and The Witch, whose name isn't yet revealed and after that, I'll start to write the grand tale itself. In a world full of darkness and evil, those few who are pure from heart and good from soul struggle for survival. It's a demonic realm, filled with gods, demons, dark sorcerors, witches, mythical beasts and even more. Welcome.. to Thakresis, The Black Realm.'