Author - Leelee

Written on - Wednesday 22nd February 2017 (01:14am)

Dulwed shivered in the misty cold dawn of Grey Havens P art of her shaking limbs and slightly blue finger tips was due to the icey air made so by millions of watery droplets from the water carried by the unfriendly May air. But most of the shivering was born of fear.\
iT WAS CREEPING UP HER SPINE. Even her long caramel hair felt stiff with an unamed terror
The maid dressed in once opulent clothing of Elven kind, now tattere and old, looked around furrively. her grey ryrs tking in the shore line and trees, then searching out the forest all around.nWhere was everyone?
There was not one elf that woud fail to know the sister of Imrahil. They would rush to her,, ask her how she escaped from the vermin orcs, and how this miracle happened.For had it not been countless years ago that a party of orcs had crept up to her bedchamber and taken her hostage after all her guards fell? There was not a ship in sight, not an elven guard or boatbuilder in sight,
She had fought to the death for her long lost freedom. She could not get the orcs eyes out of her mind. She pushed his own hand in to his side with his own sword, he had leered at her and laughed.and told her it was only a matter of time until she was found and taken hostage once more. She would be theirs to keep and torture again very soon,
On;y it was not so. On and on she had run, past caring to live, only to escape even if it meant to go too the halls of Mandos She had run for three days and nights.taking no rest, no water to quench her aching thirst
Dulwed had finally come to the grey havens. But there was noone here. She was alone, forgotten She sank to her knees. She fell asleep were she lay
Sometime during the night the sound of whispering slowly brought the elf to consciousness. Thinking the orcs had found her, the maid forced herself to open her broken beautiful grey eyes
There a small creature with furry feet bent over her.
Lady are you alright, why are you alone I percevie you are someone great.
Dulwed sighed and arose
Do haave a place to stay?
Then please come with me.My village is not so far away. You will be safe there and thats a fact.
Thank you kind sir. Lead the way What is the villag called
The elf tried to smooth her tattered gown.
She felt so worn and insignificant
And what is you rname kind sir?
Samwise Ghamgee. Now just you come along and then we can talk
So Hobbit and Royal elf walked along to start a new page