Tales From the Ocean World: Aquallenosh of Legend

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Friday 30th March 2018 (09:15am)

Welcome to the oceanic realm of mightiest of the Wind.

Do enjoy of your otherworldly stay.

You have been granted a chance to explore..

the depths of my brain..

once again.

Tales From the Ocean World: Aquallenosh of Legend

There I was once again, riding the raging waves
of the water world of Aquallenosh, a hidden realm of wonder,
seascapes and peril, for not all of it's many inhabitants..
have agreed to live their lives in peace, but those creatures..
keep to the deep depths, but once in a century, some of them venture..

..out to prey upon the lesser forms of life for a day,
yet destiny abandoned those unspeakable monstrosities a long time ago,
and thus it is fated to occur, that like on all other past occasions,
a nameless hero of the winds shall arrive from far away..

..through a portal of time and radiance, to end their reign
and make their obscure; abysmal cities sink, to forever remain..
magically chained unto the bottom of this great cyan-colored ocean.


Alemne oth xuraz sorleethe faaer drajasklineth.

The Merfolk are here to guide you..
to help you explore the safe regions..
of this vast realm of the deeps..
where underwater chambers..
filled with treasures and legendary artifacts..
await for the taking.. along with their more evil guardians..
a clan of mutated; hostile fish-folk, who worship..
the eldritch ways of the horrid Elders of Quaxalathen.

In the distant past, Selenémukh oft used to linger
within the confines of Aquallenosh in form of a young woman,
whose eyes glowed with the purifying fire of wisdom,
for she too cherishes this planet-like place..
of only one ocean, three suns and more than one thousand isles.

It is impossible to stray from the lighted path of golden sand,
entire kingdoms, temples and monster dens underwater,
enter through the epic; silvery gates of this colorful dream land.


'Many are it's protectors, yet the strange realm itself belongs to Oerath Windsoul, the Guardian of Life, Woods and Lands. All of the four Guardians have their own realms, which defy the very rules of physics and matter. For you see, the access to the place in itself is quite limited due to the fact that the gates shall only open, once the Wandering Meditator begins his slumber, a mystical channeling with the elements. On all other times, the whole surface of the water is shielded with a powerful energy barrier, so that none of the gruesome monstrosities residing deep below could ever escape from their watery prison. Each meditation session of Oerath Windsoul lasts for over a year, after which he closes the gates of Aquallenosh for thirteen consecutive years. And the only way to enter this supernatural realm is to telepathically contact Oerath, but if your words are not wise enough, then you shall not be cosmically transported into another dimension, wherein the realm itself exists.'

Hundreds of thousands of lost voices,
there they echo in the sky of broken promises,
swirling the three suns join together to form a burning portal,
ever-spiraling; of azure blue, scarlet red and ivory white,
through which - riding upon a cosmic wave of starlit water
- suddenly enters a timeless wanderer of the many forests,
dragging behind a great spirit of black insanity..

..prepared to throw this essence of evil through an verdant isle,
cutting it, it's grass and all of the high palm trees in half
with an unimaginable force, fly all the way down into the bottom,
break the earth deep below, torment used to be your art,
your false; dark power of wrongful creation,
it all shall be given back to the great Mother Selenémukh,
for these magically enchanted chains of the blue sun's purity
were designed by her, and given as a gift of destiny to Master Windsoul..

..this will be the final judgment..
..of the Darkly Ascended Enemy of the Universe..

..and their sacred purpose, to keep one in place forever,
no matter how great the spirit
and the darkness empowering it,
no creature of obscurity or being of celestiality
should ever be able to break free from these otherworldly chains,
which prevents the chosen judged from using any kind of magic,
thus rendering him completely motionless,
and there it finally fades away from his reach,
his ability to ever again take a new; physical form,
yet may he continue to influence, as he always did,
he always will, but I can assure the folk living..

..in this part of the universe, in this galaxy of Ymdisaleth,
Mógrah Dormiel, once the Deathly Guardian
of the Deceased and the Spirits,
now a vile lord of darkness, and a grave threat to the Xorposh,
shall finally fully answer for his wicked crimes,
you, whose soul's color was always black
along with all of your visions and dreams,
which lead into the more darker reaches of our creation,
as you hunger for the void, hoping that with it's abyss energy,
you could unleash a chaotic rain of midnight blue snow
down upon the whole universe,
destroying everything from within sight,
enslaving the spirits remaining to do your bidding,
becoming a challenger to Zhicra and Selenémukh,
and all of the Celestial Ones born in care of the higher heavens..

..dreaming the dreams of destruction.. utterly forbidden.

'Brother... we were not meant to take justice into our own hands. Our purpose was to guide this world, and it's many inhabitants, whom us, with the permission of Zhicra, Selenémukh and Ywatheraillah created. The mortal kind would in time come to know, that there are many planes of existences, and to reach all the way up high means to advance a thousandfold and beyond the beyond one must travel, to truly understand the art of light's ascension, for pure energy is the desired form of choice, when travelling among the stars in between the galaxies and thousands of planets. Some of them have already, in the course of the times and the many ages, found their way into our hidden realms, and various other; more mystical locations, of which I shall not speak any further. Some secrets were meant to remain as secrets. The Great World of Arcadianth is finally safe, yet Mógrah's minions, led by Vórdrem, the Blackhearted One, will one day without a doubt prove their worth in being as equally a grave threat to the Xorposh as their master Mógrah too - during the long ages of his terrifying reign - was.

This day marks the end of one evil being, or not the end in the real sense of that word, but he shall terrorize the universe no more. His realm of Tha'kresis is something I cannot undo, but I have told my most loyal servants to keep watch over the place, and they shall through a joined channeling with the elements, use their primeval powers to create an energy barrier; vast and unbreakable, for which I personally lent them a portion of my magnificent powers, so that none of the realm's evil beings could ever manage to break free to wreak havoc upon the mortal kind once again. I have heard that it's few living good-hearted heroes are still out there, resisting the night's presence, fighting for the control of the realm itself. Three of us Guardians now remain, and in time, we will have to ask from our very creators, that could they - in all of their celestiality - help us in getting rid of Mógrah's darkest creation: The Ancient Demon Realm of Tha'kresis.'


'It was painful to see such nobleness turn into unholiness,
they were wrong in entrusting you with death and darkness.
O' Mógrah, the fallen, the accursed and the corrupter of others,
from this fateful day onward, we shall no longer be brothers...'

- Oerath Windsoul to Mógrah Dormiel at the eve of his imprisonment eternal.

'In time, they (Selenémukh and Zhicra) will send the young Angel Aldareth to fight against the creations of Mógrah. An embodiment of their spirituality, wisdom and immortality, she is destined not to fail in her divine task.'

'And there in the bottom of the Ocean Realm Aquallenosh, Mógrah Dormiel's tainted spirit in cold chains slowly withers away, as I - in my draconian; black and colossal form - keep flying just above the surface from time to time, always staring down at him, for even as a spiritual being, his eyes.. they still glow with the same black; impure fire like they did in his days of youth.. so many aeons ago. I wonder, who will now keep watch over The Hollow Halls of Death, as it's former Guardian can no longer carry on with his duties. Perhaps I will have to volunteer for the time being, but I know that in time, we have to choose the one, who shall become the next fourth Guardian, for the powers gifted to us must forever stay in balance, because this world is far too great for only the three of us to control.'

'Mógrah was all along a pawn to someone, who possesses far more power and malice. She is the third utmost celestial one, yet darkly so, following her dreams.. always lead to blood red scenes of death and horror. She is responsible for downfalls of many great and noble men, for her chaotic love blinds, until it kills all free will. Her name is Ilethriam Mag-Narakjelf, Mother Darkness, half a woman, half a giant serpent, shadows engulf her youthful form, that which only silk dyed with innocent blood adorns. Arachnids worship her as their queen in the realm of Tha'kresis, her world of thoughts.. become a dark reality.. the sky is web-woven.. until she darkens it more to her liking.. in order to open a vortex of the starless sky.. with Krómelestriih, the Claw of Blood.'