The Art of Dreamwalking

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Wednesday 26th August 2015 (04:58am)

Just something very strange written along to the tunes of Brahama by My Sleeping Karma. Smile Smilie Great instrumental music right there. Come explore the astral heights, my friends. Smile Smilie
I highly recommend listening to the song itself while reading this. Works just fine that way, if you wanna try it.

Oh well, explore and enjoy.

The Art of Dreamwalking

Written by: Oerath Windsoul

These two obscure hands that I now see..
These two eyes so red, when I close them I..
Always start to dream..
Walking somewhere between the thousands o' worlds..
Shadows in search.. New landscapes emerge..
If I choose so.. I can also make this jump..
Just over the edge.. Reaching out for far higher places..

You know, when it's down to continuous existence denied..
Whoever said that nothing good comes from exploring..
This pleasant abnormality.. This vast thing that's called the human mind..
Must be so out of time.. It all feels so distorted and wrong.. Who likes to stand behind such a veil of distorted shouts from the past..
One more walk towards another dim direction might be..
Much more meaningful, but not to you.. But to me..
If this is still the same dream..
We're even talking about..

Hey.. Dreamwalker..
Show me another image.. Another landscape..
A penny for a portion of your thoughts..
Life has more value right now, it's simply higher..
So much higher..
Don't stop at the length of the space..
You are now a part of this race..
In which there sadly are no winners..
Neither sinners..
Neither believers..
Just only dreamers..
Fly.. Fly.. Fly..
Across the glass sky..
There isn't anything.. Here.. For you..
You've gone too far.. Down the midnight blue..
Towards the cloud bridge that leads into the shades of eternity..
Where the past and the future collide..
You feel them shake the whole bleeding universe..
The sun and the moon ain't pleased..
With this.. You know.. This.. Is.. Just.. Too.. Much!

Just fly away.. Somewhere in the dark reaches.. There might..
Be something for you..
Yeah, I believe so too..
Just let go off that one dream about you believing in light..
Crush it in the palm of your hands..
And then just.. Let it go.. With the wind..
Just like ashes against a great.. painting.. Pure art, believe me.. Art.. That.. Is the.. World called.. Earth......

Just a few more steps and you're there!
At the edge of this little universe..
You wouldn't believe what I've seen.. During my journeys here..
I've walked through so many vivid and psychedelic dreams..
They all are connected..
You just gotta find them..
It's not an easy road, I know..
But only time will show..
If you ever were a true dreamer..
Or just a mere puppet..
Of a shape twisting undead puppeteer..
In some freaking.. Deadly sideshow..
I hope you know!
That you gotta..
Grab that landscape and make it your own!
Color it the way you like.. Give it a perfect sky..
Make things fly.. And let them know why..
Their system is so grand.. It's 'cause you just simply..
Like to pretend to be the god of your dreams..
I say..
Search, do not get stuck in some petty pictures..
You've to go deeper into the dark reaches..
Of the universe..
From only there you'll find what you've always been looking for..
That perfect.. So perfect dream..
Which to then walk unseen..
Inside your own home..
Behind locked doors..
Your bed all upside down..
Tied with strong metal chains..
To the roof..
Of the room..
It's all so strange, it doesn't make any kind of sense..
But I assure that you won't be disappointed..
It's going to be..
Such an epic and mysterious..
Dreamwalking journey!

Once you see it all with your own eyes..
And feel the magic cleanse your only soul, your very spirit..
Then you will be.. In awe.. And cry out loud to the sky.. The art of dreamwalking won't ever die..
As long as us, the dreamers.. Will continue.. To.. Exist..

The art of dreamwalking..
The spiritual ascension beyond all realities..
It's very real.. It obscures everything..
You are not really there..
Hey, you must have been aware..
That when you dreamwalk..
You use your mind..
Your body becomes all useless..
Just leave that rotting carcass behind..
And come....

Come explore the astral heights..
Of the gallery of all imagination and time
Downright excellent paintings in a fine line..
Planets and stars all aligned..
Cosmic revelations about to take place..
Here among those that still chase..
Dreams that linger somewhere within the space..
That's the only way to experience..
Something so great.. That it could even..
Change your life forever.. But in a good way..
Just wake up the next day..
And you'll feel all new and fine..
You're still feeling dizzy and out of your mind..
'Cause you've just been dreamwalking..
For the whole time..
While the others, the ones that came before you.. They were..
Sitting in the living room.. Drinking coffee..
Or tea.. Trying to talk.. To us.. But you and me..
We were so deep asleep.. But ya know.. Somebody's gotta dream..
And walk between the worlds somewhere deep in the dark reaches..
Of the universe.. Searching for a purpose.. Or for a so-called destiny..
All that during nights..
And then the usual life starts..
At the break of daylight..
Was it a good ride?
You dare to ask..
I'll tear you apart..
If you won't take off that mask..
That you caught from that one dream..
In which we both were..
Towards a cosmic portal..
That then took us to another dimension..
Where we explored..
The Ocean World of Aquallenosh..
Or so we have.. Been.. Told..
By the greater beings..
That are..
Two minds..
Oh, will all this exploring..
Ever.. Get.. Old..