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Hi Chums.... Did Anyone else ever see LOTR , The Musical on stage ...? I think it started in came to the stage in Drury Lane, London...about 2007, i think it was...I know we went on a trip from school... Many people hated the idea of a musical version...but actually, i have always though t of the book as a musical....many of the poems are actually songs..... I thought it was very well Drury Lane, they used the Hobbits the way I guess you would use clowns at the circus....the Hobbits came out into the auditorium before the production began..they were "playing" with the warm the audience up... Obviously, to get it all in 3 hours, they had to compress the story a lot.... Did any one else see this..? What did you think...?

Hi Alana, I would have loved to have seen it, but alas we are a long way away in Australia....

I saw some reviews and images on line and I thought the staging looked amazing.  I think there are some footage on youtube if you search...

Oh, right...thanks, Brego..I will look for that om Youtube..yes the staging was amazing...the technolgy involved was various points the stage revolved, climbed up into the one point Gollum crawls down head first from the balcony into the audience...right behind me...ok , i admit it I screamed like a girl....well, I am a girl..haha....

The humour was very good of the funniest characters was Bill Ferny...(and they never got HIm in the movie,,,,,!!)....quote..."Hobbits...they all look alike...ugly!!"

And Rosie Cotton , when she is walking away with Sam at the end, says..."So,,who's this 'ere Lady Galadriel..and why's she giving you presents...?".....haha

Hi Alana I've read about this online,seen pictures and heard a song called Lothlorien.I'm not aware if there has been more than one musical but I think this is the one I've read about.Many months back in a local magazine they did a cover story on A.R.Rahman who is a pretty huge music personality at least in India and there in his repertoire I read about his being part of the LotR musical.So I was pretty excited about it.Then I looked it up online..checked up a few of the actors,the screenplay and also most of the music on youtube.I found only "Lothlorien" worthy of a download and then I forgot about the whole thing.So you update me,is it on DVD now?And I must say you were so very lucky to have seen it.The pictures looked mindblowing.I think I might have the cutouts somewhere.

Hi Odette,

Yes, you aright; that is the one...I had forgotten AH Rahman contributed to the was awesome!!

I am not sure if you can get it on DVD ; I am making some enquiries; I will let you know!!

The special effects there able to do on stage are amazing now.

I was quite skeptical went i went... I thought , ok, how are they going to make Bilbo disappear, when he puts on the ring? puts on the ring, and...he just disappeared!!...I dont know how they did it !!

So much is done with lighting.......

At one point they are on Mount Doom, and there is liking ash flakes and fire falling on the audience, but there is nothing really there!!.....

And, oh, Odette, my should have seen Shelob.....she was the size of a house,,,everyone was screaming!!.....and oh, the Council of Elrond...the whole stage was revolving...!!

Oh...sorry, I am getting carried away again.....haha!!

I will try & find out about the DVD........

Take care, my dear......(I need to go & lie down