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The Rise of the Nazgûl is a student made short film project, which is inspired by J.R.R Tolkien's books, and it is set within his world of Middle Earth. The story follows to best friends Akhorahil and Caryddyn who have just emigrated to the land during the second age, and they come across one of the nine rings of power given to a lost king. The Protagonists then decide to take the ring back to the elves who made it thousands of miles away. Throughout the film they encounter various problems, and trials that tests their friendship.

I was unaware that people wore ear stretchers in ME :O

But on a serious note it was a good watch.  Nice work.

Good effort Damon.  Great locations too.


Where about was it filmed?  Looks very much like Dartmoor national park in the UK.  

Nice, this would've been a fun project to do. And the scenery was just fantastic. My ONLY suggestion would be a camera stand! The camera was a bit shaky in a lot of the scenes, but overall the film was great. Thanks for sharing!

Oh another suggestion is to slow down the dialog a little.  Because you guys are obviously quite young, (compared to me at least) if you slow down the lines, you will add a maturity which your voice alone cant. It will also make it easier to understand each and every line.

Try it with your opening.

Did they get it back to the elves?