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This is how it goes someone asks a yes/no question then the following person answers the question giving a reason for their answer and gives another Question.

so here we go.......Would frodo be your first choice for a ringbearer? Yes/no and why! i would of chose Sam for Frodo trusted all these nasty people such as Gollum and he, in return, became nasty to Sam, so actually, it would Have Naturally gone the same if either were ring bearers, so I don't CARE!

What would you do if you were Maeglin in the depths of Angband in torture, would you reveal to Morgoth the secret location of Gondolin?
No I wouldn't, because we wouldn't want some mean bully with his orc friends coming along and picking on MORE people now would we? Unless he double-dared me to tell him, then of course yes!

If Frodo, Sam and Gollum were killed by Shelob, and the ring was in her lair somewhere, would you go in and try and find it?

Yes or No, and Why?
Yes, but only if I had a 1000-watt flood light and a really really big can of RAID. Elf Winking Smilie

If you were in Dunharrow, would you follow Aragorn into the Paths of the Dead?

Yes or No, and Why?

No, that's not the type of fools errand I'd like to participate in; I'd rather ride with Eowyn and Merry to Gondor.

Were you with the four hobbits, Strider, and Bill, would you have been afraid to approach Tom, Bert, and William?

Yes, No, and Why?
No because they are trolls which are literally dead because the're turned to stone so I wouldn't be scared at all.Big Smile Smilie

If you were Finrod would you go somewhere in the east, far away from Angband rather then Nargothrond?

Yes, no and why.
yes i would go to the east angband scares me lol

at amon hen would you track merry and pippin yes no why
No I wouldn't, as it would have been a waste of time running for days after hobbits that were going to be fine anyway Orc Smiling Smilie

If you had a chance to go and walk in the either Aglarond or Fangorn Forest, like Legolas and Gimli did, would you go to Aglarond?

Yes for Aglarond
No for Fangorn Forest
and Why? Orc Smiling Smilie
no i would go to fangorn forest its just so mysterious

do you think theoden should have survived pelennor fields? yes no why
come on people yes no why pleeees Happy Elf Smilie
No, for then Eowyn would have wanted to nurse him back to health and wouldn't have had spare time for Faramir to court her.

Was Lotho (the Pimple) Sackville-Baggins the only one selling Pipeweed to the lands South of the Shire? Yes or No and why?
??? That sounds more like a trivia question than an "opinion" question but I'll go for it anyway. No I don't think Lotho was the only one -- there were definitely other hobbits doing business with "Outsiders" (for example Sandyman). And while I'm sure Lotho was one of the main ones exporting Leaf, there's no way he was the only one. It said that "there was a general shortage of pipeweed", which implies that many of the others were exporting it as well. It's possible that they didn't all know about each other's exports, maybe each farmer thought he was the only one getting a "special deal" from Saruman. In any event, Saruman ended up with a whole lot of it.

If you were Bilbo, would you have let Gollum live? Yes or no, and why? Keep in mind that Bilbo didn't know how the story of the Ring would eventually play out, so it's not really fair to say "Yes I would let him live, so that he could someday destroy the ring." Bilbo didn't know that at the time. I'm curious to hear about what you think, in the context of what was going on at that moment when Bilbo could've killed Gollum.
No as soon as I susspected treachery i would kill him and be done with it. he lived in the cave and knew his way around better so he might have sabataged me in some way.

If you were T’rin would you chose to throw yourself upon the hilts of gurthrang? yes no why
No, but my sense of honor allows me more wiggle-room than did Turin's. Wiggle Smilie

Do you think the Fellowship should have crossed the Misty Mountains via the High Pass and then floated down the Anduin to Lothlorien on log rafts?

Yes, No, and Why?

YES I would have gone over cahadras if i was awear of Morias dangers.

in the film two towers there is a cut seen at helms deep where Arwen fights at the battle do you think this should have been in the movie? yes no why

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No, Arwen would not have seemed natural in that setting. The whole Xena, princess-warrior thing. It bothered me enough that she replaced Glorfindel in aiding Frodo in the flight to the ford.

After the War of the Ring, would you have returned to the Old Forest to try and find Tom Bombadil again and have another visit? Yes, or no, and why.
Yes definitely, but I would have waited a week or so after we hosed the bad influences from the Shire to give Gandalf some time alone with Tom. I'd also write down Tom's summoning song in case Old Man Willow or one of the other nefarious denisons of the Old Forest took an interest in me.

Would you like to go off the beaten track and pay homage to Elendil at his tomb in Amon Anwar above the Whispering Wood near Halifirien? Yes, No, and Why? See 'Cirion and Eorl' in Unfinished Tales for the source of this location.
Yes because it has nice views and you can see where the smashed-up Elendil lies in a cold, stone coffin, buried in the ground (they should put people in glasscoffins and put the dead body in an fill it up with molten glass( So that body cannot rot and it looks nice and I'll prefer to be buried in that sort of coffin than a normal one.)

If you were Finrod Felagund, would you stay home with your dad in Eldamar or go with your cousins in middle earth.
Yes, no and why
I'd probably go with the cousins because, hey, generational loyalty!

If you were the river-daughter, would you have married that crazy tom bombadil?
Oh yes. Goldberry knew exactly what she was doing. A charismatic, quietly powerful soul with a sharp wit and musical quality, Tom Bombadill-o would be the ideal conpanion for one who loves something so dearly as she loved the water, being as he was full of life as the river itself. I would be so lucky as to even meet someone who had a tenth of a percentage of those qualities, if only for a minute!

Would you purposefully put yourself in harm's way, as in the case of Sam for Frodo when Shelob had gotten him with her poison, if you knew that the person you saved was no longer capable of recognizing your self-sacrifice due to their dementia? Yes, no and why?
Yes, because I believe it is our job to look out for those unable to defend for themselves, the poor, the weak and infirm, without any thought of reward other than when we get to the Pearly Gates being able to individually say truthfully, "I done my best, or at least I always tried to."

When you come to a fork in the road, do you take it? Yes, No, and Why?
If I did see a fork in the road, I wouldn't take it, I don't know where it's been, and I don't really need more cutlery... Smile Smilie

If you DID come to a fork in the road, and both paths had the same destination point and the same surroundings, would you go left?

Yes, No and Why?
If I came to a fork in the road I would eat a sallad!!! Yum!!!

Being completely honest with yourself... If you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt... that evil would win... and there was no way to surpas it... would you side with the darkness... or die in vain?
I would die in vain and come back to haunt the dirty blighters. So there! and take that!

Your best friend gets caught with stolen goods in his garage and you desire his girl-friend. Instead of helping him beat the rap, would you give the prosecution even more damaging evidence. Yes, No, and Why?
So basically a choice between my best friend, which is a relationship that would probably last for life, and a woman, which would probably not last that long from the guilt of betraying my best friend.................. I would choose to help him, and also help him better himself and stop all the stealing... plus I'd question the girl he's with, what type of person is she if she wants to be with a criminal? Orc Grinning Smilie

If there was someone who you knew would make you happy, your 'soulmate' and keep you that way till the end of your life and theirs, but choosing them would damage your friends/all the people you knew and your family's relationship with you to the extreme, would you still follow your heart and be with that one person? Yes, No and Why?
Tis better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. This is an ugly dilemma, Many a book has been written about characters who have chosen one path over the other. Some of them who took one path have remained happy and some have had their life turn to sadness; while others having taken the other path found the same two opposing results. I don't know which path I would choose; hopefully my soul mate would be wise enough to point me in the correct direction and I would love her enough to accept her decision. Oh! the agony and the ecstasy and someone's heart most certainly will be broken.

Which path do you suppose Leelee would choose? Should we add this these two posts to her Broken Hearts thread to find out? Yes. No, and Why?
Leelee would certainly help her best friend in Loss' post as their will be no choice for her as I don't believe she will fancy the girlfriend. As for your choice Grondy I think that she would be in a great dilemma and would choose her friends and so on. She wouldn't want to hurt many people I believe though she would regret not being with her soul mate and will sometimes "sing in the rain".

If one day you see an 18 years old boy and a 70 years old women lying severely injured on the road and you are able to save only one as there isn't enough place in your car to get to the hospital. Who would you save knowing that choosing one and leaving the other will result in the death of the other.
This is a simple matter of ethical triage: the woman has most of her life behind her, while the man has most of his life before him. So assuming I know neither of them and their injuries are equal, I would pray to God that I make the right choice and save the man.

If you knew your best friend was cheating and you weren't and because of this they were going to get the job and you wouldn't, would you rat out your friend even if it ruined the friendship. Yes, No, and Why?
Nah, I don't think I would though I might later regret it and talk about it to others. It would also depend on who needed the job more and whether he's just a friend, a good friend or someone who is a friend only when he needs you.

If you were given a chance to back in your life and make one change would you take it or would you accept your life as it is; with its mistakes and good memories?
I'd probably stay the course, as unintended consequences would undoutably lead to even more undesirable outcomes.
That's not a bad way of seeing it Grondy. But haven't you forgotten something? I think your memory is really like a Lumber room grondy! Elk Grinning Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
You are required to cross Mordor from Udun to the Crack of Doom. Would you rather ride in a dune buggy than walk: yes, no and why?