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I have this precisous little book in my collection, too. My copy is a Ballantine/Del Rey edition and I have only had it since January so you still should be able to find it at a comic book store but I just visited Amazon and apparently it is out of stock.
..The artwork is just superb.

Yes, it most certainly is. I am very impressed by the cover art by Donato Glancola, it is beautiful.
If I come across another copy, Plastic, I will be in touch.
I hadn’t even heard about it. Who’s doing it? Who’s the artist? Let us know how it is my precious!
Super Wow Smilie
Where can I get it? Where? WHERE????!!!???? Comics AND Tolkien? I think I'm in heaven!
Right then it is adapted by Charlse Dixon and David Wenzel. And is produced by Eclise Books. And if you want to find check out place like Forbidden Planet (UK) Milehigh Comics(US) or any comic shop..The artwork is just superb. check it out.
OH NO!!!!!!!!!! I am going shopping in a bit and will have to check that out. That sounds great. Mellie is excited about this one.
It is really good Mellie you should try and get it.
Actually, I did get it today. I made Matthew take me to the comic book shop. However, I was able to get the All In One Copy. It is great and I love it.

The ISBN of the 3 in 1 is 0-345-44560-0
fantastic Mellie.Hope you enjoy it.
I live in the UK, so do you know wether they have a web site?I really need tofind out how to get this PRECIOUS!!
To be honest, I'm gonna go look for the original 3 comics rather than a 3 in 1, my comic collection is the closest thing to a pension fund I have, so originals are always better as they end up worth more to collectors. *end geek rant*
Does anyone know a website though, so I know where to find these comics or I can read about them?
To be honest, I'm gonna go look for the original 3 comics rather than a 3 in 1, my comic collection is the closest thing to a pension fund I have, so originals are always better as they end up worth more to collectors. *end geek rant*

You right about that Plastic! Very few graphic novels ever end up being worth anything collecting wise.

Sheryl, you can read all about it on The actual title on the front is (so you know you have the right one), The Hobbit, an illustrated edition of the fantasy classic. As others have already stated, the graphic novel is illustrated by David Wenzel, and adapted by Charles Dixon with Sean Deming. The graphic novel is published by Ballantine, and costs $10.50 (US) if you buy it from Amazon brand new. You can actually preview like the first 19 pages on Amazon's website. Also for something near you, I would check out Forbidden Planet (in the UK) like Darous said. Here’s their web address (I think?), Hope that helps, also I saw a few people selling the comics (originally done by Eclipse), as well as the graphic novel (all in one version) on Ebay. I think I’m going down to the bookstore in a couple of hours to see if I can find myself a copy!
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Got my copy yesterday (bought the graphic novel version). I read the first 40 pages last night, and it's great! The artwork is excellent, and from what I have seen so far, they did a great job adapting the original story to fit this format. I guess the original comics were first published in 1989, and 1990, so it seems that I've been snoozing on this for quite a while. Better late than never though! Very enjoyable, and I always love seeing Orchrist, and Glamdring reeking havoc, and striking fear into the hearts of Goblins everywhere!
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Okay, I can`t find the comic, yet and I`m growing envious. I do hope I find it soon so I can read it and enjoy it. Smile Smilie
Hum.. I don't get it... I can't find any Hobbitcomic at
Well I just finished books 1 and 2 and they were great. Its good to see tolkien appearing in another medium especially comics. But I would have to say i like both Graphic novels and single issues comics. I know myself that it is hard to find the single issue comics. And graphic novels our handy for complete stories spreading over a 12 month period ie the Earth X, Universe X and Paradise X series.
I like the all in ones too, every time i get single issues, I end up not being able to all of the issues, and tend to miss out. so I get excited when I find the all in one Graphic Novels. I am not a collector, so I don't worry about what the value will be later.
Same with me Mellie. I sometimes think about what it`ll be worth in the future, but then I think no, I`ll keep it and pass it through the generations to come. Big Smile Smilie

Any better Mellie?
Well not me. I'm gonna bury all my comics with me. Crud I have spent a small fortune on them for the past 10 years.Why in crud would I want to give my prize posessions to anyone else...after spending all that money. My kids would just sell it off..ungreatful idiots.
Any comic fans who are as yet unaware of the "Essential" series should be made aware of them, plug the gaps in your knowledge by buying these relatively cheap all in one volumes, generally spanning 2 or 3 years of a titles history, they're only black and white, but that actually serves to accentuate how good the pencil artists actually were before the inkers got to it. Of course this only applies to Marvel comics, but then what other sort is there worth having?

As to what happens to my comics, nobody else is getting them til I say so, I'm flogging the lot on my 65th birthday (along with my records and movie memorabilia) as by then my eyes and ears (already pretty knackered) will have deteriorated so far i won't be able to enjoy them anyway, and may as well have a nice retirement package.

I only buy new stuff nice and cheap and hope it goes up with age, some things just aren't worth paying that much out for just to have, But I did just buy a nice reproduction of Amazing Fantasy #15 (yes that one, the real thing is worth about ’3000 now) as it's the closest thing I'll ever get to the original, and it is nice and shiny too...
Plastic the Essentials volumes are well worth it. And I don't mind the black and white drawings. I think it gives it a touch of class. i myself am currently just getting the back issues of Paradise X. I just need a few more and that will be me. Nice buy as well with the reproduction Amazing Fantasy 15 it might not be a orignal but its a piece of history none the less..I also found a nice buy myself. Issue 10 of the Uncanny X-Men form 1964 or 65 I'll have to check..but its just fantastic the adverts as well, how to become Mr Atlas and keeping sea monkeys as pets. And I got it for a steal as well. Its in good enough condition...but I'd never sell it.
Darous you are a man of good Taste, I used to have a boxful of old 60s and 70s marvels gleaned from car boot sales and Jumble sales by my Mum when I was a kid, and those Sea Monkey adverts were still going in the 80s when I was buying my own. Luckily for me they were all american based so I never bought any, but it was my fondest wish to get some right up until I found out just how rubbish they were. Apparently they look like monkeys rather than little people in the new adverts for them, but kids are still just as dissapointed with them.

Of course, that old collection was destroyed by the self same Mum who helped create it a years later, when she thought I wouldn't want all those tatty old comics anymore. AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!! Mind you, not as bad as a guy who I read about on the net who had the ultimate collection (including the notorious AF #15, Amazing #1 Fantastic Four #1, Uncanny X-Men #1 etc. etc.) and also had an idiot mother. He got it back though eventually, only to have it given away by an idiot father even later on, poor guy.
I feel sorry for the poor guy Plastic. Thankfully my collection is safe at the moment. Everyone knows not to touch it...under penelty of death So Angry Smilie So Angry Smilie So Angry Smilie So Angry Smilie
But it is just so hard to keep an eye on them. When I buy my own home I will have a room set aside for all my comics and figures and sculptures as well. And then keep some around the house. At the moment I have two Wolverine sculptures in the living room and the girls hate them but i don't care they look completey awesome.
Don`t take any notice of what the girls say abut them, you put whatever you like around the house! Big Smile Smilie I would, if my mum and dad stopped taking it down... Big Laugh Smilie
yesterday the two wolvie sculptures which i have siiting on the mantle piece were moved to the television behind to stopid looking vase. And i moved them back. Then Fiona came in and wanted them moved back because when guests come in what will they say about them.
I'm like "hey i pay equal rent" and then my bro goes " Well maybe you should move them back. they each cost be ’70 each and i want to see them out. Woman munmnmnm
That`s a shame. Well, keep trying... Big Smile Smilie
Woman munmnmnm

Wait till you get married someday Darous (lol)! Thank Eru I have a cool wife who lets me keep my all of my toys around. Of course I can’t have them all over the house like I used to when I was single, but I must admit all of my stuff looks much better in one room, in nice display cases anyway. I collect vintage Star Wars toys, the LOTR line from Toy Biz, various super hero action figures (including my complete 1982 Secret Wars Wolverine figure, which was actually the first Wolverine figure ever made), certain Gatchaman items, as well as a few other nick knacks here, and there.

Anyway just finished reading The Hobbit graphic novel last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! As already stated the artwork is awesome, and I love that picture on page 128 (graphic novel version) of Beorn putting the squeeze on Bolg, great stuff! Definitely a big thumbs up from me!
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
HEY!!!! Not all girls are as bad as that.....
Sometimes they can be they have been moved again
Hahaha, I understand Fiona quite well! But I think I would have tried to find a place for them, hiding them is not nice. Unless they look truly hidious (in my eyes, in your eyes they look beautiful of course). If friends asked about them I would roll my eyes a bit, smile and say, "you know boys and their toys".

We have a big beach towel on the living room wall with the Simpsons on, and he wore his Disney tie to both the conformations we were in. Wink Smilie
I live in Sweden and I haven’t seen it..... Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
I live in the US, and found it at the library (I'm not sure if they'll ever get it back from me! Big Laugh Smilie ) But I'm trying to find a copy of my own (searching Barnes & Noble and right now), because it's awesome! Wish I could draw like that!
But I'm trying to find a copy of my own (searching Barnes & Noble and right now), because it's awesome

It is awsome indeed. I bought 3 copies of it through the Doubleday/Science Fiction Bookclub. One for me, one I gave to my nephew last week for his birthday and one to my son last week for his birthday, as well.
I just got my new SciFi Bookclub book selections in the mail on Friday and the Hobbit, graphic novel was still listed in it.
Thanks, Anilorak--I found it too. It should arrive in six to eight weeks! I also ordered the Green Leather Collector's Addition!
For anyone else that might wander in here wanting to know where you can find it, you can also generally find them on Ebay new, and used. I bought mine at the Borders down the street from my house a while back.
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Ive seen it before and If i saw it befor I saw the regular book, I wouldhave brought it! Im so mad I didnt
The hobbit comic is awesome! Animated Wink Smilie
How's the art in this comic book? IS it like the Sunday comic book style or is it like the Disney movie art style or what?!?! I've never seen it before! I'm dying to know!!!!!! Exploding Head Smilie Wolf Smilie
Very Evil Smilie i have a copy, yes late post i gueess
it has outlines- thats not disney style, and it looks nothing like the cartoon hobbit movie style i think its the "best comic" style Elf Confused Smilie
I've got the David Wenzel edition by eclipse books and its the book that brought me into the Tolkien world. The art work is amazing!