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Are you sure it was THE HOBBIT? You know, sometimes the names are similar, but don't have anything to do with the REAL one...
The Hobbit written by Glyn Robbins adapted from the novel by J R R Tolkien and directed by Roy Marsden played at the Queen's Theatre in London for 2 yearsending in February 2002 so it is entirely possible that it has been taken on the road or that the rights have been released so other theatre companies or schools can perform it. Not to mention there could be other adaptations out there.
I am postitive that it was a play based on the book. As you can see on the short introduction on [url=] this page

I never found out who it was done by though...
Yeah it's real, I saw my sister in it as 59th goblin on the right a long long time ago, and it is based on the book. But if it's the version she was in, be warned, it's got way too much singing in it!!!! (remember Leonard nimoy's Ballad of Bilbo Baggins anyone?)
I would have loved to see the play, it`s a shame my school doesn`t do it or my theatre school. I would have really liked to perform in that. Big Smile Smilie
That would have been so cool, all we ever did at my school was Grease and other musical's. Due to me being tone deaf I always had to make the props, which was cool!

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Are you still deaf? I`m soo sorry to hear that. That must have been terrible to never hear anything all the time.
Big Laugh Smilie No I'm going deaf but I've always been tone deaf, being that I sing like a drunk donkey that has had half it's vocal cords removed! Big Laugh Smilie
Oh right sorry. *Sheryl goes red with embarressment.*

I do hope you don`t go deaf, because you`d have to learn sign language and lip reading. Tricky business that. Big Smile Smilie
I already can lip read, it's a genetic thing from my mum's side of the family, my grandad is complletely deaf and my mum sister and me are all going deaf, but it's been happening since I was a baby so it doesn't really bother me that much! Tongue Smilie
Good, that`s the main thing, as long as it doesn`t bring you down. Wink Smilie We`re all here for you. Smoke Smilie
There have been many plays based on The Hobbit for many years.

I remember seeing one in the early seventies performed by the Mountaineers, a western Washington mountain climbing and hiking club that present an annual play on weekends for two weeks in late May or early June in their natural forest amphitheatre near where I live, here on the Kitsap Peninsula.

And yes this play was a musical and as I remember Smaug was just a poster on a stick that the actor playing him moved around (held high for when he was flying) and they had a whooshing noise for his invisible flames. Still it was a fun way to spend with a few hundred other people in the woods on a spring afternoon. Cool Elf Smilie
I have been to plays like that, and we always had a great time. I never got to see the Hobbit though. That is one that I would really enjoy. Maybe, I can find something like that for Robbie, this summer.
I bet he`d really enjoy that, he may be eager to see it though because he read the book, did he like the book?
Well the Hobbit is coming to the Grand Oprea House in Belfast in the next few months. So I'm gonna see it then. it sopposed to be sells out everytime it heres.
I read in a newspaper, that a play based on The Hobbit was showing at a theatre near my hometown (Reykjav’k, Iceland) but I also read that it it was more aimed at the younger viewers, so I decided not to go.
There was a play of the Hobbit in a place called Thousand Oaks (not too far from my home town of Oxnard, California, USA) done by this youth group called the Young Artists Ensemble. I never got to see it (phooey!!!!) but knowing the Young Artists Ensemble they probably did a pretty good job of it.(they better have or I'll squash 'em! Ha Ha Ha Smilie ) They have good resources and they always come up with the COOLEST costumes! I wish my theater group had that much money! *sob* oh and sorry about being tone deaf Ross. My sympathies go out to you. Though I'm not much of a singer myself! Big Smile Smilie Wolf Smilie
Liberty Middle School presents 'The Hobbit'

The Hobbit

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