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1) "into the blue" is just a figure of speech here, I believe...

2) can't find anything...sorry

3) here I think "Country Round" means surrounding country...I guess specifically Hobbiton and that area

4) "Land Beyond" I think just means the area beyond the Misty's probably capitalized just to show what a big deal it was to him

5) Probably the Westlands...Gandalf says there that they (the dwarves and Bilbo) were coming out of the Lands over West, so I think the Shire, Rivendell, etc. "Lands over West" is probably to the people of the east as "Land Beyond" is to the people of the west.

6) I dunno...

7) probably Valinor

8) The next sentence is "on this there had been an old watchpost" so I guess it was once a watchtower or something to that affect...

of course I might be way off base with all of this... Wink Smilie
In answer to Ungoliant's plea for help with landmarks from 'The Hobbit', the following is my take on the various places.

1) Blue: As in wild blue yonder; beyond the blue horizon. The horizon usually looks more blue due to more atmosphere to see through. And the wilderlands start at or just over the horizon for most stay-at-home types.

2) Mount Gram: Doesn't show up on my maps of the Shire. In fact there aren't even any hills shown in the area of Greenfields in the North Farthing. However, I suppose it could be one of the North Moors (Annuminas) which form the northern bounds (border) of the Shire and lies just south of Lake Nenuial.

3) Country Round: The Shire is nominally circular with Hobbiton lying roughly at the center of a 50-70 mile radius circle whose circumference is known as The Bounds.

4) Land Beyond: Lands east of the Misty Mountains when coming from the west.

5) Lands over West: Lands west of the Mountains when spoken of from the East.

6) Long Marshes: Marshes where the Forest River enters the western side of Long Lake.

7) Faerie in the West: Yes, I would think that would be Valinor.

8) Ravenhill: The height at the end of the southern spur of the Lonely Mountain, where the Guardroom was located. It was named after the talking ravens who there make their home. Roac son of Carc is now their leader.
Thanks, chika/Grondie. I'll compline your answers with what I have for the 'Guide' thing. I'll put up the answers in one of the threads under 'Guide' so that you can all comment.
I would have answered to this, but since people have already done this for me, I won't. Big Smile Smilie
Question: does it occur to you that the more you read LOTR, the more you come to think of things you never even read before? Like you come across more names, more locations that you can't place, etc? Smile Smilie
That's why a bunch of us continue to re-read it; there are always new discoveries to make.
I discovered that too now... Wonderful. This makes the book even more interesting... Smile Smilie