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I need some help please in finding out the names and nicknames of the elvish swords from this book, I cant seem to find this information anywhere. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!
Glamdring-biter, foe-hammer
Happy Elf Smilie The above is almost right; however, Orcrist was "Goblin-cleaver" and Glandring was "Foe-hammer" as translated by Elrond in 'A Short Rest', Chapter 3 of The Hobbit.

In 'Over Hill and Under Hill', Chapter 4, the Goblins called Orcrist "Biter" and Glamdring "Beater". Cool Elf Smilie
I love Glamdring!
I don't think you needed to know that but oh well!
Glamdring has an interesting etymology: glam 'foe' with respect to the interpretation of the name of the sword -- but really it meant 'uproar, the confused yelling and bellowing of beasts', and Glamhoth meant 'the Yelling-horde'.

But Glamhoth became so firmly associated with Orcs that glam alone could be used of any body of orcs (and more loosely 'foe' in the sword-name I guess). And dring- meant 'beat, strike'.
Don't forget the most popular short-sword in the whole of Hobbit Lore... Sting! Orc Smiling Smilie

"I will give you a name," he said to it, "and I shall call you Sting."

Chapter 8... Flies and Spiders... p. 167
And lest we forget: Samwise Gamgee's faithful blade, Spreader, which he used for slicing taters and digging out noxious weed roots from his garden and flowerbeds; not to mention for spreading butter, jam, and jelly on a slice of freshly baked whole wheat bread. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
And don't forget the swords of Eol and Thingol. One was called Angachel and the other one i can't remember. For more details about Thingol's sword you should consult Turin Turambar in the Silmarillion.
Eol and Thingol are not character's from the Hobbit of which the first post requested, let alone their swords... Along with Samwise too Orc Going Huh Smilie But, I'm sure that in the background in the time of the Hobbit, ole Hamfast Gamgee must have used the Spreader before giving it to his son... He had to spread butter on twelve pieces of bread for his six children, daily... Plus more, if the hungry little Hobbits wanted supper too Orc Smiling Smilie
Oooops sorry folks I had forgotten that you were asking only for swords from the hobbit. Then don't forget Dratted; William's (the troll) sword. Orc Grinning Smilie
i have a grudge again'st gandalf for taking glamdring... it should be mine! Mine i tell you!
Well, replicas are still available to the well heeled wizard:

LOTR Glamdring Sword, which has a stainless steel blade and is excellent quality.

LARP Glamdring, which has a synthetic blade and is much cheaper in cost and quality.
And’ril (Flame of the West) was not an Elven blade, but the Elves did put some runes on it, foiling the noble heritage of Narsil, Elendil's sword.

Indeed, unlike Elendil Aragorn was not a great warrior, to put it mildly, but merely a scoundrel, a rogue hiding in the shadows and relying on guile to slay his foes; therefore to secure his undeserved heritage (it takes more than blood to make a King), the Elves used runes similar to the runes on E’l's blade Anglachel, or F’anor's blade Stormbringer, runes that bind a demon to the blade, giving it a will of its own and enabling it to fight and win any duel regardless of who wields it.

This is the secret to the 'success' of that upstart Strider (and the cause of T’rin Turambar's doom, but that's another story). But, as with all cursed blades, they never stay long with their wielders, and so King Elessar's empire conquered by feeding his blade with the souls of many denizens of Rh’n, Harad and Khand, crumbled when his own soul was claimed by the blade.
So it was Elric of Meinibon’ who found F’anor's sword, or was that actually T’rin's sword? Was this continued recurrence part of the Doom or just of the Curse laid on these families?
Did Elric find the sword, or did the sword find him? Who was fooling whom?
Virumor is right, the sentient sword Enserric, while seated on the lap of a long dead king, found my ranger and initiated the conversation in 'NWN: Hoards of the Underdark'.
If Virumor insists on slipping into his own fantasy--not Tolkien's--without warning the rest of us, he might at least provide little baggies as they do on airlines. I for one do not find that kind of jarring tale (I'm being polite) at all entertaining.