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Leelee under The Hobbit (Movie) posted Sunday 18th March 2007 (05:53pm)
When I first cracked open the pages of the Hobbit I was struck with a couple of things.
For one you are thrown into a strange and compelling world with a strange and terribly interesting group of creatures, Bilbo Baggins of the Shire certainly not the least.
And before you can even get your breath and try to work out just what a curly haired, diminutive curly footed sort of human is or does or thinks, there comes along a wizard of all things,and then dwarves such as you have never known.
Then off they go on the most fantastic treasure hunt against a most cunning and evil dragon you can imagine. Sort of like being on a huge and incredibly fast roller coaster.

I would like to talk about the challenges to Bilbo Baggins, challenges met whether willingly or not, that began to make a lasting change in the character of this Hobbit.Such that, when he went back to the Shire h e was very very different and thought of that way by the rest of his kin and neighbors for ever after.

To start then I think that as the story opens you see a well fed, orderly in the sense of provisions and the niceties of life Hobbit. One that is not short with his hand concerning the simple things such as food and drink that bring contentment to the heart .I see someone who does not like to be put upon when he is not the person responsible for the get together.
I see someone however who minds his manners and does what needs doing when pressed.
And I also see that the first challenge that sort of hit h im head on was the two sides of his nature that derived from both sides of the geneology. One side fully Hobbit meaning food, fun, all the creature comforts and content with having no adventures. Then the other side that now and t hen craved something different, craved elfs and roads walked unknown before. A sense of finding something wonderful on that road.
But until the coming of Gandalf this time and the dwarves Bilbo never had to really seriously choose to go beyond his comfort zone whether he wanted to or not. So that I think was his first challenged and set h im up to have to take harder and h arder ones.
Any thoughts out there?

Thorin posted Tuesday 10th April 2007 (02:03pm)
This is the first time i see this thread.

So, i agree with you about your first point leelee. I think that his next challenge was to find out what life really was about, far away from 'his' beautiful shire, which was fenced against the outside world. The quest to The Lonely mountain showed him what life really was made of; hardship (the journey to the mountain), sorrow (death of good friends), war and capture (battle of five armies), difficult decisions (the arkenstone business), and not only sitting at home and living comfortably. So i think that was his next challenge.

Grondmaster posted Wednesday 11th April 2007 (12:49am)
Those were really a bunch of challenges Thorin. Happy Elf Smilie

And I like you, Thorin, hadn't seen this thread before today either. I'll mention to Grep, that new threads aren't always showing up on both the main menu and the sub-menu. I started a couple of new threads over the weekend that didn't show up until I added a subsequent dummy post which I then removed.

Anyway.....Bilbo's next challenge (or two) after leaving Bag End, was getting by: 1) with only two or three meals a day instead of the normal six; and 2) with only the clothes on his back, plus a borrowed hood and cloak, and also a bunch of his pocket-handkerchiefs which Gandalf kindly brought him along with his pipe and tobacco. (I wonder if Gandalf was thoughtful enough to also bring him a change or two of underwear, not to mention his toothbrush even?)
I had thought about the food business grondy but hadn't had the word to put in it, so i thank you for that.

**bows to grondy** Dunce Smilie
Anyone have any thoughts about his screwing up enough courage to investigate that wilderness campfire, off there in the distance on that cold and rainy, hungry night?
Nah he was forced i think being the burglar but he can still get half the credit. the other half is canceled for messing the business with the purse. Elk Grinning Smilie