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What were Bilbo's feelings about adventuring: when he first met Gandalf; while he was on the road; and after he was safely back again?

Would you have had similar feelings had you been put in Bilbo's place?
This would be influenced by several factors. One would of course be the place i lived and how the general feeling towads adventuring is. Then of course it would depend upon how i lived the different adventures of Bilbo and how they affected me.

Yet in the end i think i would feel just like Bilbo, specially about Thorin and the battle of 5 armies, being pround of the battle yet grieved about its ending.
How would you feel Grondy if you were alone in the goblin's mine like poor Bilbo was?
If i had been "Stuck" in one place for 60 years i would grasp at any possibility to go somewhere... I don't much like staying in one place long...
Are you a wanderer like Gandalf Arath? Elk Grinning Smilie
I suppose you could say that Smile Smilie
I enjoy travelling alot.
I'ts more about the journey for me than the actual destination Big Smile Smilie
How would you feel Grondy if you were alone in the goblin's mine like poor Bilbo was?

I'd be so scared, Super Scared Smilie I'd probably need a clean pair of pants; not being the adventurous type; especially since Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, so I couldn't. And not being any good at riddles, I'd probably be Gollum's lunch. Orc Grinning Smilie
That really is funny Orc Grinning Smilie but I think you'll be able to survive Gollum's riddle and anyway I never heard tell that Gollum fancied dwarf meat! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I would overpower the trolls and make a lunch out of gollum Very Evil Smilie
I don't seem to remember there being troll in the Goblin's cave Arath! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie As for making a meal out of Gollum you would obtain nothing but bones! Orc Grinning Smilie
yeah,Arath will have Gollum's bones. there's no flesh... only bones..Very Mad Smilie Arath will have to eat Gollums sticky bones. who will like to have sticky bones?got to add some potatoes and carrots etc as Sam did.if not he will be hungry soon. i think that would be a good lunch for Arath. Exploding Head Smilie

if it were me
i wasn't deceive by Gollum's riddles and i will not make lunch out of him.
but i could kill him....... and throw him to the Doom mountain.
Wiggle Smilie
think you could make cake out of bones?
Only if you dried them out and ground them up to supplement the cake flour.

Yo Thinker, it would be worth your while to read The Hobbit so you would know: how Bilbo found the Ring; how he lost his buttons; how the Dwarves lost their burglar; how Bilbo found Sting; how three trolls lost their dinner; etc. Read Smilie
yeah could don't you think? but i will use bones to decorate the cake .......... Birthday Smilie
you can make cake out of bones as Grondy said should will be great if we would chop them....or it will be hard eat... Very Sad Smilie not sure whether Elves eat but sure Dwarfs will(with Gimli's Finest).

i would like to read The Hobbit .yeah it's very Grondmaster said about how Bilbo found the ring etc..... so i will read it soooooooon...... Read Smilie
you should read it. it's not as dificult as the others and it's more like a fairy tale.. did you know that peter jackson was receiving a lot of letters about makeing the hobbit a movie??? i read his reply letter on the internet
I dont know how I would feel if I were in Bilbos shoes. It would depend upon my love for the Shire and the people in it; it would also depend upon whether or not I had any misgivings about leaving my adopted nephew. If I thought it would wound him or worry him excessively I would never count the adventue as anything worth pursuing. Because to me an adventure is anything that taxes you and causes you to have to sacrifice or suffer for the greater good or for someone you love. The simple act of travelling far away and engaging in a battle of wills or physical battle just for money does nothing for me.
But I think Bilbo made the correct choice for him, for he had elven touched blood and I don't see how it could have turned out any other way. Besides, Gandalf the grey believed he was the Hobbit for the job and I always trust his judgment.
I dont know how I would feel if I were in Bilbos shoes.

I'm certain I'd probably feel hungry every five minutes, making it impossible to worry too much about the big picture. That is mayhap why all those 'underdogs' succeed in fantasy stories while all the strong, muscly warriors & flashy mages merely add to the pile of corpses.
I don't know how I would feel if I were in Bilbo's shoes.

Well, I would know for certain that my feet hurt, for I'm sure my feet are much larger than Bilbo's, if he even owned a pair of shoes to wear. Farmer Maggot was probably one of the few hobbits that even owned a pair of boots; and those were rubber, which he only wore when he had to muck-out his cow barn. Yuck!!!
I don't know how I would feel if I were in Bilbo's shoes.

Bilbo wore no shoes people! Elk Grinning Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
We knew that, I even implied it.Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie There is an old saying that: one shouldn't be judgmental about someone or know how they feel until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Those are the type of shoes of which Leelee was writing.
I was thinking about how different the story would have been if , say, Bilbo was a nervous type of Hobbit. A Hobbit given to panic attacks or terrible homesickness. Can you imagine the terror he would have gone through a fortnight's ride away from The Shire, and suddenly he just wanted to go home and could not? It makes me break out in a sweat just thinking about it. I think, whatever physical things Bilbo encountered, there was a great deal of interior dialogue when his Hobbit side would overrule his sort of elven sensibilities.
Well, Bilbo wore boots on his adventure at least.

Check out JRRT's illustrations Smile Smilie
He did? Well, maybe if he had to help Farmer Maggot muck out his cow barn.

Do you have a link to those illustrations Galin, or are they also bound up in copyright red tape? Those pictures probably preceded the introduction at the beginning of FotR.
I don't know if the illustrations (published in The Hobbit) are on the web, but Tolkien also noted in letter 27 (1938):

'There is in the text no mention of his acquiring of boots. There should be! It has dropped out somehow or other in the various revisions -- the booting occured at Rivendell; and he was once again bootless after leaving Rivendell on the way home.'

I have yet to find references to this booting in The History of The Hobbit in any case.
Hey all,

his sort of elven sensibilities


for he had elven touched blood

Wasn't Bilbo only an Elf-friend?

And this also brings to my mind another issue - how does one recognise that a person is an Elf-friend? There are instances when an Elf (mind you not any person of other races) recognises either Frodo or Bilbo for an Elf-friend. So how would you distinguish an Elf-friend from an ordinary person? Is it from the ring of the voice for if it is so there is Aragorn who is an Elf-friend also but there is no ring in his voice?
He was only an Elf Friend, but his association with them touched a part of his heart and imagination, his love of lays and sweet poems as no Hobbity thing did and , by association I believe he became rather inclined at times to Elvishness. Well that is what I think, I may be terribly gone to the left or right. It was just the sense I got.
It was a state of mind; and Bilbo's handling of the Arkenstone towards keeping peace between the Dwarves, Elves, and Men gave him an enough edge that the Elfking recognized him as such. Frodo and Sam(?) were recognized as such by Gildor near Woody End.