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In regards to the 2011 post-production film of The Hobbit (which I am soooo looking forward to, by the way), I have been wondering... whom will play whom?
Obviously, there's been great rumour about who shall play Bilbo, and Andy Serkis and Ian McKellen being on-board for it, but I am deeply interested in who shall play Bard, of the men of the lake.
Now, I am an avid Hugh Jackman fan, and believe that he'd be great as Bard. However, I also believe that perhaps a lesser-known actor would be excellent. Altogether, I am undecided on the matter.
I am quite aware that what I think won't make a huge impact on the up-and-coming film, but it's a good discussion topic. What do you, my fellow Tolkien-loving friends, think? Who do you think should play the hero Bard?
Steven Seagal wouldn't be that bad a choice... he's got the looks and the moves for it.
Yeah, that's possible. However, I do not find him to be good-looking at all. Now, I am but 14, so my taste in looks may be slightly differing from older people's, but to me, Steven Seagal is not attractive. Being from the 'action-hero generation', I can see how he would make a good Bard, but maybe a younger, better looking choice would be nice...
Somehow I find myself thinking something like David Wenham... obviously, he can't play Bard, due to him previously playing Faramir (that would be too confusing and not very logical whatsoever), but someone young, a fresh new face, or, as I stated earlier, Hugh Jackman, would be fantastic. Right now I am leaning away from Jackman, simply because new actors need opportunities.

P.S - Sorry, this is actually about the book, and I didn't realise there was a forum about the actual movie. Put up with a beginner's mistake?
Steven Seagal wouldn't be that bad a choice... he's got the looks and the moves for it.

"I can't die in a movie! What would my fans say?!" Steven seagal.
What fans?

He is always a bad choice
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