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Most quests are started with little chance that they will succeed; we usually only hear about the ones that are successful. When Thingol gave Beren his quest to retrieve the Silmaril from Morgoth's crown, he thought it was a surefire way of ridding a strong suitor from the life of his daughter, L’thien. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Same when Elrond said Aragorn could only wed Arwen when he became King over both Arnor and Gondor. Scrolling Eyes Smilie Finally, who in their right mind would believe a couple of hobbits could break into Mordor and toss Sauron's prize possession down the fiery tube right under the enemy's nose, or eye, as it were. Rolling Eyes Smilie Super Wow Smilie
It's still quite not the same. Elves seem to forsee the future in a strange way. And Gandalf seems to kinda know what is the right thing to do. But when I read The Hobbit as a book not conected with other Tolkien books it seemed strange and that quality of Gandalf also.
But why worry - nobody is intersted in this topic cause the plot is strange and anyone who had read this book will agree.
Who says nobody is interested? I think that indeed it is a weird plot, but so is LOTR's. I mean, a little hobbit with a Ring that happens to be Sauron's, who sets off for Mordor to save the world, and what's the best: he succeeds! That's just Tolkien for me!
Hei! I now know the answer to the question that I asked. It (the answer) was somewere in my mind but I couldn't get it out until now.
Tolkiens books (especially The Hobbit) has weird plots to be interesting. It would take a lot of fun out of them if the reader knew what is going to happen. Not knowing how the courageus characters will acomplish the quest builds up the intrigue. Tolkien amazes me ever more...
Brilliant, isn't it? Thumbs Up Smilie
I posted this quote in The Ivy Bush but I thought it might be appropriate here too-

"The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense."
--Tom Clancy

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Big Smile Smilie Too true, too true. Otherwise people would stop believing it! Big Smile Smilie
Brilliant, isn't it

Bard used a strong magical arrow to defeat Smaug. For more details about the dwarves and Gandalf, read the Unfinished Tales.
not a wierd plot at all! Big Smile Smilie
Its not wierd....its perfectly reasonable darn it!!!!!
If on the past evidence, (of vast armies failing to defeat Smaug), then sneaking in a dozen dwarves and a "thief" to find the way in, seems like the best way. after all it only takes 1 man to slay a beast if his aim is good! If you want ridiculous and wierd plots look to most blockbuster movies and video games where 1 hero takes out a million baddies solo, in the daylight and with a penknife......wish someone had told that to the poor sods in the Somme...... Shocked Smilie Very Mad Smilie

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