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I thought it was great. Big Smile Smilie You should first read the Hobbit and then start on Lord of the Rings books.
It’s well worth it! Tongue Smilie
The Hobbit's a really great book...much lighter read than LotR, and really enjoyable. Big Smile Smilie
Frodotheringbearer: Welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie

The Hobbit is wonderful book. For more comments about it I'd suggest you check out this thread's sisters called Child's book and still the best. Cool Elf Smilie
I just started on it and think it is great and funny. Wiggle Smilie
I`ve got The Hobbit in norwegian, but for Christmas Amari’ gave me it in English Orc Grinning Smilie I really like it, it's funny and heartwarming...I have been really busy lately, so I haven't finished it yet, but it won't be long now!
And when I'm finished with it, I've planned to read The Silmarillion and LotR again Smoke Smilie
I bought three copies of the hobbit, 2 silmarillions and 1 LOTR last year! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I wish somebody had given me the books when I was younger. I told my boyfriend we had to give his 13 year old sister the hobbit for her birthday 'cause I knew she'd love it. I'm planning to make her as hooked on Tolkiens world as I am. She'll be getting LOTR for next Christmas I think. Angel Smilie

I agree with Einar, the hobbit has to be read first. I wish I'd known that earlier, but I had no-one to ask. I still loved it though. When I'm done with my second reading of LOTR, I'll read the hobbit again.

I was lucky, my mum started me on Tolkien when I was really little, and only with the Hobbit. When I was about 7 she had me reading the trilogy, and I haven't put it down since Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

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I`m reading it at the moment. It`s HOBTASTIC so far! Big Laugh Smilie I`m up to chapter 12, INSIDE INFORMATION. Big Smile Smilie You should definately read it! Have you read LOTR collection, Frodotheringbearer?
If not, how old are you? Cool Smilie
There is a thread in the Prancing Pony Tavern where you can post your age Frodotheringbearer. Moderator Smilie
It was great!
But not better than LOTR, but The Hobbit has one thing that LOTR dont have: A DRAGON!!!!!!!
The Hobbit was a great book with lots of turns and twists but it is nothing compared to the lord of the rings.
i think u should read the Hobbit before u read the triology. Smoke Smilie
Right, I`m nearly finished. Exactly 3 chapters to go! I can`t wait to finish it. Then I can start on LOTR collection! Exploding Head Smilie
I just finished TH today! I can`t wait to get stuck into LOTR trilogy! You need to read the book. It`s a great piece of Tolkien`s work! You`ll definately enjoy it! Big Smile Smilie
I`ve got to calm down. I went hyper over an iced-bun again today. HEHEHE. Big Laugh Smilie Okay I`m Cool Smilie now.
(NOT Big Laugh Smilie )
I liked The Hobbit too! It was a more kid-friendly book!
The Hobbit is a very funny and exciting book.... you see the fate of a small hobbit in a world he has never been to... He sees for the first time orcs, wargs, trolls, gian-spiders and similar things....But I suggest you focuse your eyes on The Silmarillion because it is a work of art that cannot be topped by anything is plainly the mythologies of Middle-Earth....not a mythology for the elves because they have lived it...but....ah never mind... READ IT!!!
I agree with Aule, the only thing I can`t yet agree with him/ her on, is TS, because I`ve never read it.
I'm a huge fan of TH because the dialogue is so good and there are so many laugh out loud moments. It's a real heart-warmer and best of all has a happy ending which all good childrens fantasy should have. I completely believe in the happy ever after complex! Smile Smilie
I loved the Hobbit it is a easy book to read and a good starting point for new readers to Tolkien. You get introduced to several key characters from Lord of The rings saga but on the whole because it is just a fantastic read.
Did anyone know that there was originally an emu on the first American cover of the Hobbit? Obviously they hadn't read the book! Mad Smilie
Peredhil: Had you mentioned that fact in yesterday's trivia question under Trivia: Barad-dur under General Discussion, you would have earned a Pseudo-Silmaril.

That edition was my introduction to Tolkien in October of 1967 and which I started reading on my first 'for the gummint' trip to Spain at the ripe old age of twenty-seven, having been out of Uni for three years and my draft board previously having decided I wasn't healthy enough to be cannon fodder in Vietnam.
u should really read the hobbit before u read lotr. it is an easier read. It help u understand bilbo's adventure and how he found the ring. it is a great book and a must read! Read Smilie
The Hobbit is indeed a book that reads very easely... and is very amusing to both children and adults. it is full of adventures, good values, struggle, etc. it gives us a nice travel in lands unknown towards shores and forest full of fantasy. Really... the trip these dwarves and hobbits take is a hard one.

I truly like to read The Hobbit whenever i encounter trouble in my life. Most of the time i finish my hard job i have to tackle together with the book. It really keeps you going.

I agree The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings being bigger and more mature (if not to say better). But if not for the Hobbit... they would not have existed.
I agree The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings being bigger and more mature (if not to say better). But if not for the Hobbit... they would not have existed.
At least not in print, for no publisher wanted The Silmarillion, and LotR wasn't finished nor would it be published until the readers of The Hobbit clamoured for more stories about hobbits.
Nice that a dwarf and an elf can agree on things like this.. bless the master!
The Hobbit is one of the best books!!!! Elf Smilie Winking Smilie
You MUST read the book!! Read Smilie
Holly1313, I totally agree that The Hobbit is a fantastic read. I love LOTR but I really treasure the first descriptions of hobbits and the Shire.
I, like many others, keep on flipping back to the part of the Hobbit in which Bilbo saves the dwarves from the spiders. I think I wrote a book report on it in third grade. I shall see if I can dig that out, and type it up for all of you here. It's interesting to hear an evaluation of the Hobbit from a nine-year-old's POV.
I'm sure that it was a good report, and given high marks as English/Literature Teachers should appreciate students that read Tolkien's Work, if they don't then they are not good teachers Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I love The Hobbit, the very first book of Tolkien's I read when I was younger... Every now and again I re-read the first chapter and always re-re-read the conversation between Bilbo and Gandalf... Clever English, and good ole English Sarcasm in my oppinion..... Could Gandalf be English???
yeah the puns are superb the best example for me being the good mornings and the description of cram!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Could Gandalf be English???

He is very wise, and comes from the West, so he must be... Canadian!
He is very wise, and comes from the West, so he must be... Canadian!

I applaud that comment.
Using a compass is a matter of placement, in China, America is East and England is West.................... I broke the system!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Since the Shire is based on Tolkien's England back when he was a kid, it most certainly is not China.
Don't jump too much ahead of yourself Vir, I was speaking about the actual Earth, hence using America, China and England, not the Shire, plus I know that the Shire wouldn't be China..... place a map of the Earth over Arda and make a hole through where the Shire is, then you'd get Thailand... that is using this map Orc Smiling Smilie that map is after the First Age
The Hobbit is a great book but i was wondering if any one would know that saying Gandolf is Canadian because he is wise and clever is RACIST!!!! Good and Evil Smilie

.....but i was wondering if any one would know that saying Gandolf is Canadian because he is wise and clever is RACIST!!!! Good and Evil Smilie
No, that was not racist, that was saying that Canadians are wise and clever: a nice compliment, even though stereotypical. It certainly didn't cast dispersion on the peoples of any other nation, which had it done so would have encountered the wrath of the council.

Moderator Smilie Thou shalt not put down any member, people, or nation of the real world in the Planet-Tolkien threads. However, Tolkien's characters are fair game as long as we can back-up the charge with rational discussion. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I am afraid that I cannot find my third-grade book report on The Hobbit. I know I haven not thrown it away. I shall have to look some other time..perhaps during the summer, when I can actually devote whole days to taking everything out of the starage room and then putting them back in again...
Don't jump too much ahead of yourself Vir, I was speaking about the actual Earth, hence using America, China and England, not the Shire, plus I know that the Shire wouldn't be China..... place a map of the Earth over Arda and make a hole through where the Shire is, then you'd get Thailand... that is using this map that map is after the First Age

It doesn't work that way.

Tolkien's Middle-earth is our 'actual' Earth, set in an earlier, forgotten age. It is not documented how exactly the world was changed since Tolkien stopped documenting his fictional history after the Third Age had ended.
Oh Vir, you take things all too seriously, I was purely saying that if you placed a map of Arda over a map of our Earth, then it would be purely out of curiosity to find out where in Arda your country is.... I wouldn't say that IS where it all should be, because I wouldn't state anything without fact, which you just stated we just don't have.... Fair enough.... BUT it would make us all curious if we did put a map of Middle-Earth instead (to not create any more confusion) and put that over our Earth, then we could "for fun/out of curiosity" see where in Middle Earth we would be Orc Smiling Smilie

Edit: Though I did read somewhere that Tolkien said, if our Earth did come from Arda, then it would be about 8000 years after the beginning of the fourth age.... I could be wrong, I think I read it here
Hullo Loss, have missed you and hope you are well and happy and busy in Middle-Earth.

Vir cannot be all that serious if h e thinks Gandalf if from my country and is a Canadian! We who are famous for bacon bacon and good beer, the Mackenzie brothers, hockey, then there is hockey, and then more back bacon and hockey. Well but then we have had leaders who have together won a nobel prize or perhaps there is hope after all. But I only ever ever ever think of Gandalf as sort of a purified elevated offshoot of the British Empire. Smile Smilie
If we consider Gandalf as JRRT's Merlin, then he certainly must be British, namely of Celtic descent.

That is, if Merlin didn't originate amongst the Druids from Gaul and fled the Romans across the Channel to Albion.
In That Hidious Strenghth C.S. Lewis wrote that Merlin was originally from Atlantis. As I remember, Mary Stewart in her Merlin Triolgy, said he was a Roman from Gaul.
He was the bard of Gwenddolau, gone mad after the battle of Arderydd...

573 Bellum erderit inter filios elifer et Guendoleu filium Keidiau;
in quo bello Guendoleu cecidit: merlinus insanus effectus est.
The Annales Cambriae

If I can quote it... it must be true Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Ask anyone from Carmarthen!
Book Report
My grade three book report on the hobbit

name of book: The Hobbit
Author: JRR Tolkien
Pages: 279
Problem: The problem in this story is that Bilbo Baggins and thirteen dwarves are looking for the treasure once stolen from the dwarves during the days of THorin's father's time. Thorin was a very important dwarf. The dwarves realize that the treasure is still guarded by a dragon named Smaug. They have to figure out how to get past him now.

Plot: The plot is that Bilbo, a normal everyday life lover, is forced to go with thirteen dwarves and find the stolen treasure. On they go, with a wizard called Gandalf directing them. They enter a forest called Mirkwood. The dwarves were caught by giant spiders planning to have them as an afternoon snack. Fortanatly, Bilbo had possessed a magical ring that could make you invisible whenever it's on your finger. Bilbo quickly slipped it on. Bilbo crept up behind the spiders and started to sing a song:
Old fat spider spinning in a tree!
Old fat spider can't see me!
Attercop! Attercop!
Won't you stop,
stop your spinning to look for me?
This song made the spiders' furious. The spiders were confused but started to spin webs tocatch Bilbo, but Bilbo was running back to where the dwarves were tied. He and the dwarves fled.

Best Part: I loiked the part when Bilbo and a disgusting creature Gollum were riddling. Gollum made a deal with Bilbo that if Bilbo doesn't answer correctly he will eat him. If Gollum doesn't answer correctly , he will do what Bilbo wants. I liked this part because both were scared a uncomfortable. It was terribly exciting.

End book report.

There now. I am surpirised that I was actually grammatically correct most of the time, even when there was a complex or compound sentence.
I had to read The Hobbit in school as assigned reading. I liked it so much that I would stay up late, and read with a flashlight. I finished it way before I was supposed to. I had no idea until years later that there was a whole world created by Tolkien. Not until The Fellowship Of The Ring came out on video.
Smile Smilie When I was ten I read the Hobbit Illustrated edition and I fell in love with it andthen I read LotR Illustrated Editions then read the Silmarillion then Unfinished Tales and now The History of Middle-Earth series.In the future I'll be reading the Children of Hurin! Read Smilie
What school did you go to? Why didn't my school ever assign me to read The Hobbit? That would have been fun.

My first memory of the Hobbit is sitting on my living room couch, next to my mother, with my brother on the other side of her, while she read it to us from a great large library copy which had, occasionally, large full color illustrations spanning one or two pages. Every episode of the adventure is clear in my mind....

Just thinking about it makes me want to read it over again.
Awww, I wish my parents had read stories to me too.
Cloveress that was a wonderful report, especially for that age.
Vir, I wish that someone had read those things to me as well.
But perhaps that is what made us so curious,having to do it on our own.
Anent Vir's remarks about the equivalence of Earth and Middle-earth: In the Atlas of Middle-earth, some of the larger Third and Fourth Age maps actually resemble very closely Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa, much more so than the maps in LOTR. I always thought that the notion of Middle-earth being Earth in the past raised more difficulties, religious as well as geo-historical, than it was worth. Some fuzzy parallel-earth idea could have been posited or implied, and that would have been sufficient.
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