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Thread: 2 questions (Compass of Arda / Councellors of Theoden)

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I'm not sure about the compass question, but i agree with Perwing about the councellors. He is talking about Gandalf and Grima.
Valedhelgwath and Periwing thanks, I think I can only believe you in the answer with Grima as councelor, then it he was really a bad councelor in this way, why miss him? But
he had been Theoden's councellor for quite some time and Theoden was now left without any advise from them, good or bad
I think this is the answer off my>>why Grima.

Quote from K.L.Fonstad's "Atlas of Middle Earth". If she says it is, i'll trust that to be true. btw, an exellent book that is too!!
Yeah I think this is the book what I have, but I dint really understand it fully and befor I got it wrong at all, I woud ask oyu. Then I dont no anything about geographie ;-)

Bey then.