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Zacay100 began this thread with the following post

I was wondering, I just read the book,]why could gollum see frodo when frodo was wearing the ring? He was invisible], and gollum could fight him!??! And also took a bite of his hand.

If he could smell him, still he knew exactly where to bite.

Grondmaster replied

Good question Zacay100 and welcome to our forum.

My take on it is that Gollum saw where Frodo stood when he placed the ring on his finger. Gollum could still hear him and possibly even see Frodo's shadow which may have been cast by the fire. So he just ran to this area and grabbed. By the "Grace of Eru" he happened to grab the wrist of Frodo's ring-hand, and from there on, the ending was academic.

This was just another of those critical coincidences that leads me to believe that Eru was working in the background (The Music of the Ainur) towards the destruction of Sauron and the ascendancy of Man.

Some of those other critical coincidences were:

Gildor's Elves showing up to scare off the first Ringwraith and befriend the hobbits at Woody End.

Tom Bombadil showing up to rescue the hobbits from Old Man Willow.

Tom Bombadil showing up to rescue the hobbits from from the Barrow-Wight and providing Merry his Blade of Westernesse, so he could later distract the Nazgul Lord's attention away from Eowyn, so she could fulfill the original Glorfindel's prophesy).

Glorfindel (not Arwen) and Asfaloth meeting them on the road to the Ford of Bruinen.

Treebeard meeting Merry and Pippin in Fangorn Forest.

Faramir capturing Frodo and Sam in Ithilien.

Gorbag, Shagrat, and their troops fighting over Frodo's mithril coat.

Guri-Ghan-Guri's leading Theoden through the Stonewain Valley.

The wind shifting allowing Aragorn's fleet to sail upstream to the Pelennor Fields.

The meeting and argument between the two Orc bands at Isemouthe.

The Great Gollum's Banana Peel Ballet.

Gwaihir, Landroval, and their vassels showing up just when Gandalf needed them to rescue Frodo and Sam from Mt. Orodruin.

There are probably a few more, but you can get the idea from these.

Very intersting question Zacay100! I never noticed that before.
I like your explanation Grondy, I just want to add Gollum's eyes very more sensitive than other people's eyes. Being in a dark cave for so long had some effect. He couldn't stand sunlight very well and also his vision was sharper I guess. Remember how quick he was in catching a fish. Of course, invisible is invisible. I was wondering if maybe because Gollum had the Ring for such a long time he was kind of entering the world of shadows himself and maybe that's why he could make out where Frodo was, or where the Ring was. Maybe the Gollum 'sensed' or felt the Ring. Or maybe the Ring still wanted to go to Gollum.
Gollum had the ring for centuries, and Gollum was always mentally attracted by the Ring so that's why he could know where the ring was even when Frodo was invisible when wearing it.
Or maybe the Ring still wanted to go to Gollum
The Ring "knew" Gollum wouldn't take it where it wanted to go, that is why the Ring left Gollum and was found by Bilbo in the first place. (Or Bilbo was found by the Ring.) Gollum would bring it into the dark caves again. Frodo was already under the Rings influence and was a lot more likely to go where the Ring wanted, meaning into Saurons hands. Or.. into Saurons eye? Ouch!
thanks for all of your answers..
I was thinking the same way too, but I wanted to know what others think. I didn't want to be the one that didn't understand the books Big Smile Smilie hehehe..

Thanks again!

Nice forum
That's right Amarie, when Gollum was still in his cave, the Ring decided to abandon Gollum, but what we are talking about here, Gollum isn't in his cave, but in Mordor. I'm sure Gollum would like to take the ring back to his cave, but he still would need to get there. If Gollum would put the ring on his finger, it wouldn't take long for Sauron to see him. I don't think Gollum is mentally as strong as Frodo and don't forget he has been tortured before. So my guess was, the ring could have seen it as a good idea to go to Gollum since he was weaker than Frodo and wouldn't resist Sauron.
I think Gollum sort of 'smelled' the Ring; I mean, after having it for about 500 years, they must have develloped some strange connection! hehe