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Any one want to join The Fellowship Of The Ring Book club?If you do tell me now.
Sounds interesting. What sort of club is it Frodo? There are a lot of different types of book clubs, ranging from those where you merely buy books, to those where members discuss them, or include other activities.

Can you include a few more details
Sounds fun, what kind of stuff will we be doing?
I'd be happy to join,Frodo Smile Smilie If you need help thinking up some guidelines then I can help (I've started and helped with a few LoTR book clubs in my time Wink Smilie) Hope to hear your ideas soon.
the club will start when the Chat Room starts to work in Bilbo Study.
Hi Everyone,
Bilbos-study has to be monitored by a council member. We have been discussing LOTR chapter by chapter for the last 2 years and are now finishing up TTT, when the Java Applet license is sorted.
If you would like, we can start FOTR again on another evening other than Saturday for all those who missed it the first time around. Just let me know which time would be convenient.
Read Smilie

Does this mean that you don't wish to have FOTR discussion in bilbos-study for those who missed it the first time around? Elf Confused Smilie
I wantss It!!

I would love to discuss the FOTR!!

oh, and he probably said darn because he wanted the room for the 'book club', but he could still use the main one...
Yes it does