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ARagorn had feeling in his heart
luthien and arwen had stolen his part
luthien he could not have
she promised herself to Beren's half
arwen was being sent away
with the elves she son would stay
aragorn was lonely as you can see
he felt as though he would never be free
all he would be left to do
is sit in the darkness feeling blue
he could go and fight with all his friends
Gimli, Fodo; they have no ends
they're on a quest to rid the ring
to end their greed and all their sins
to rid the wars the thoughts the dreams
so they will always see sunbeams
with that golden ring gone they wont go crazy
their days will no longer be dark and hazy
to live their life in a normal way
is a wonderful feeling to feel all day
Nice poem, Ellacriss.

to live their life in a normal way
is a wonderful feeling to feel all day

I like those last lines, there is something comforting in having life return to normal and it is a wonderful feeling. Smile Smilie
A very mesmeric poem, Ellacris. Smile Smilie
thank you! ive never really written a poem that deep, and im really proud of it. thank you so much. no ones really ever said that about any of my poems, they were all really dumb until this one
Ellcriss, you're new! Only two posts. You're suuuch a good poet. But when was Aragorn thinking that Arwen was going over the sea?
she was in the process of going over, sort of like---well, she was about to
I think Loni is referring to the difference between the book version and the movie version.
In the movie, the director decided that an Arwen on her way to the Grey Havens added more drama but that is not the way Tolkien had written it. In the book. Arwen's mind was made up long before Aragorn left with the Fellowship and although this pained Elrond a great deal, he knew what her choice was.
Nonetheless, your poem is a lovely tribute to the movie version. Read Smilie
oh---ok. thanks Rednell. im not sure, i just kinda wrote it, but thanks
nice one, Ellacriss! keep them coming!
thankyou! i really do like these forums....