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Does anyone here ever read Mad Magazine? I don't know if it's sold overseas in England, but I occasionally read it here in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Back in the late 70s, someone gave me a copy of Mad that had a parody of Lord of the Rings. I wish I had that copy, it's definitely a classic. It was full of puns and popular songs redone with verses about the story. Believe it or not, I actually remember one song in particular: it was done to the Simon and Garfunkle tune "Sounds of Silence":
"I am Gollum, that is me
And I'm hideous to see.
Also mean and low and tricky.
Call me Middle-Earth's main sicky.
And the rotten-ness
That was planted in my brain
Will remain
Til I gets back
My Preciousss.

My lovely Precious was the Ring
Which I loved like anything.
Til a thief came by to rob it.
It was a double-crossing Hobbit.
And for eighty years
I have wandered in the slime
Marking time
Til I gets back
My Preciousss.

I never heard of roll-on Ban
So folks avoid me if they can.
I really don't mind the waiting
'Cause I'm not much into dating.
There's no one
Who'd depraved enough for me
Can't you see?
Til I gets back
My Preciousss.

Did anyone else here ever see this edition of Mad? I'm going to try to get a back issue and keep it this time.
This might be food for Songs of the Middle-Earth
No, I started reading Alfred E. ('What, me worry!') Neuman's MAD Magazine back in the fifties, but gave up reading it in the late sixties. The Spy vs Spy cartoon was always my favorite.