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The warrior was Baldor, first son of Brego the Second King of the Rohirrim. During the feast to celebrate the completion of Meduseld in 2569 TA, Baldor vowed that he would tread 'the Paths of the Dead'; this he did, but failed to complete.

I have often wondered if the cronies of Aldor, his younger brother, got Baldor in his cups and then by insinuating that it would be cowardly not to tread the 'Paths'. This would have been to get the throne for Aldor when Brego finally died, which he did a year later, of a broken heart over the loss of Baldor. This conspiracy theory is probably hogwash, and the truth is probably more that Baldor was Boromir-like in that he also had to be the one to do it.

As for the treasure, I think that is unknown. When Aragorn was gazing at Baldor's remains, before the fast closed stony door he said:
... Whither does it lead? Why would he pass? None shall ever know!

'For that is not my errand!' he cried, turning back and speaking to the whispering darkness behind. 'Keep your hoards and your secrets hidden in the Accursed Years! Speed only we ask. Let us pass, and then come! I summon you to the Stone of Erech!'
The above was found in the ROTK, Book V, near the end of Chapter 2 entitled 'The Passing of the Grey Company', and also bits were gleaned from Appendix A of ROTK. Read Smilie
Aah! thats it! thanks again Big Smile Smilie I like the conspiracy theory idea a lot! He must have 1 too many rum n cokes to try that one Tongue Smilie
Now that the dead have finally departed I wonder how long it would be before someone ventured back...
quite soon i think as in the tales would have passes round about a certain man now a king long gone passed that path and lived to tell about and cleanse the countries surrounding
Boring, you ought to write poetry. That was very nice.
*sniff* Nice thought yeah...
Good. Now, a First Age conspiracy theory, please!
Good. Now, a First Age conspiracy theory, please!
Nope, a Third Age conspiracy, you are welcome! Elf Winking Smilie
This is out of the blue but I can't wait to see The Paths Of The Dead in the movie. Somehow that chapter has been a favorite of mine and I would love to see how PJ will portray it on film. On TTT I was looking foward to the Dead Marshes which is another favorite location and I loved it in the film...with the faces underwater...awesome!!
oh I agree, Lucien...I'm really interested to see how they're going to do it...keep your fingers crossed that it won't get cut... Tongue Smilie
Oh man, I hope they don't cut it out! It seems to much of an important part of the book to be left out...but you never know though.