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For those interested in the combination of science, outdoors (especially fishes), and Middle Earth fantasy, please see:

Fishes of Middle-Earth: A Field Guide to What Species Would Be There
as well as Those Seen in the Books and Movies

The PDF is located at
by scrolling to the bottom of the webpage (sorry.... artifact of google sites).

’Fishes of Middle-Earth’ is fashioned after the popular nature guides to birds, trees, etc. Assuming Middle Earth is a historical version of this world, it uses scientific (biogeographic) principles to describe what fish species would be found there based on modern day distributions. If you are planning a vacation to the Misty Mountains or Mirkwood Forest, or perhaps a quiet afternoon on the banks of Bywater Pool, now you can learn about the fishes swimming in the rivers and lakes. Some species are monsters in their own right, where as others are simply delicious and fun to catch.

There is a short section commenting on the species that are or could be present in the book The Hobbit. This was relatively straightforward since it is a linear story following the adventures of Bilbo Baggins. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a bit too complicated, so comments are reserved for those fishes appearing in the recent movies. (In short, the species portrayed are actually New Zealand species, and not those expected to be in Middle Earth. Furthermore, the species are not originally from New Zealand, but rather recent transplants from North America.)

Table of Contents:
Chapter I ’ What Fish Species Would Be in Middle-Earth
Chapter II ’ Fishes that Could be Encountered during The Hobbit Adventure
Chapter III ’ Those Fish Species Seen in the Lord of the Rings Movies
Appendix ’ Fish References in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Novels
Contact Information

Disclaimer: ’Fishes of Middle-Earth’ is a draft, so there are typos and inconsistencies. And the artwork is terrible, but better than nothing.

Constructive comments are strongly encouraged. Please enjoy.
How come there are no comments on this?? This guy put a TON of time and effort into this, and even if its not the hottest issue, it should still be recognised!

Wow, that was really ...interesting. Its a great synthesis of fantasy and ichthyology. You could probably use this as topic for a research paper in school, probably. Its a greta idea, anyway.

That Monster of wels sounds really creepy! I dont really like regular sized fish, but this thing is gigantic! I also like the map that shows how Middle Earth is an early Europe. Its really amazing that youve shown where each fish would exist in Middle earth Based on their existence in our world and their attributes. And I never would have thought about the few fish appearences in the movie or how they determined them. Del Toro's people should seriously use this to decide which fish to use in the Hobbit!

Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I thought fish was both plural and ingular, and fishes isnt really a word... >.< Maybe Im wrong^^ I just always said fish.
Sorry for being a fuddy duddy :oops: . But i don't know enough about aquatic creatures to make any relevant commentary :roll: .

fuddy duddy?
haha...leave it to GB to use a term like that :P

But I, like GB, am not really all that versed in fish stuff. But your post prompted me to take a brief (10 min.) view of it. From what I saw, it was very well researched and put together. It must have taken a lot of time, intellect, and determination. Congrats, Aiwendi!
Well, I'm not really into that stuff, but I think it's awesome that they did it. That must have taken a lot of work!
[quote="Aiwendii":1glbuyxq]For those interested in the combination of science, outdoors (especially fishes), and Middle Earth fantasy, please see:

Fishes of Middle-Earth: A Field Guide to What Species Would Be There
as well as Those Seen in the Books and Movies[/quote:1glbuyxq]

Have downloaded the PDF and very much enjoyed it. Interesting all together... how would you feel to answer some questions (build a small Q&A) and link the PDF from my website ( for bigger distribution of your work?
Thank you for all your comments. They are truly appreciated. It is a pleasure sharing this with the Middle Earth community.

If you wish to link the PDF to the TolkienLibrary, please feel free to do so. Any you can contact me with any Q&A via this post or the contact information in the PDF.

Thanks, and Happy Fishing....
Would they have had a Fisher of Elves in Middle Earth?

Hey! I'm now wondering what kind of fish Gollum caught in the Forbidden Pool. Does anyone know?

Will we see any blind fish under the Misty Mountains?

Fishes of Middle Earth?

Someone out there surely must be able to add something to this thread!


NB I also found out on this thread that GB first revealed himself as a 'fuddy duddy' back then! Wow! A 'fuddy duddy' is a bit like an 'old fogey', isn't it? No wonder we get on so well!
I am interested in Badgers of Middle Earth, can anyone help?
Love to help but can't. Are you sure you're not thinking of The Wind in the Willows - there's a badger in that. His name is 'Badger', I think.

Are you sure you're not thinking of Badger the Water Rat?
Oh you!