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Thread: Gimli's Axe

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Supposedly Gimli takes up Balin's axe after his tomb was smashed in the Chamber of Mazarbul. If this is Balin's axe, I would hope to see it in the Hobbit. I didn't really know that this was Balin's axe, so I watched FotR and noticed that Gimli doesn't have the axe until right after Balin's tomb was smashed by the Troll. I know this is obviously not in the book, but it's a cool add on for the movies.
News to me. Is it in the book or the movie?

It's just in the movie. In the book he just has one axe. In the movie he has 5. You can find the info here [url:222czyqu][/url:222czyqu]
I first found this info in the product description for a replica i bought.
I recall reading about the axe in [i:odcxltdj]Weapons and Warfare[/i:odcxltdj] (movie supplement book). I hadn't thought of it before Bargolwash mentioned it but I have to agree, it would be nice to see Balin wielding that same axe. :mrgreen:
It would be cool to see Balin with this axe. But if they stick to the history of where Balin gets the axe, he won't have it, darn. He gets it after leaving Erebor in the Third Age 2989. He found it when he entered Moria and it turned out to be Durin's axe.
I knew nothing of Balin's axe before this thread started. Did Gimli really pick it up at Balin's tomb? If so, how do we know it was his?

I don't think it's explicitly mentioned in the films, but it's part of the backstory the filmmakers created and was then mentioned in various "supplementary" sources to the films, including the aforementioned book [i:2e32cz39]The Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare[/i:2e32cz39].
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