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I would like to talk about Alatar and Pallando. Most importantly where they fit into the story of middle earth.

First off there were 3 Wizards, Olorin, Curumo and Alatar. Now Alatar chose to take with him his friend Pallando, to note Radagast/Aiwendil was forced with objection upon Curumo who had no respect for him or Yavannas creations. I would assume from this that Pallando and Alatar are equals in power with great respect for each other, however there must have been a reason why Orome chose Alatar over Pallando. I would assume this lies in some innate quality such as a stronger personality that is less easily dominated.

The actual qualities of the wizards is something I feel helps to explain thier apparent roles. Alatar was specifically chosen by Orome, as such I find it fairly safe to assume that Alatar was both huntsmen and traveler and so had a love for the peoples of the east. He probably also held no fear for Sauron, I am basing this on the fact that Orome showed complete indifference for Melkor and travelled where ever he chose.

Pallando on the other hand was noted as being of the Maiar of Orome and in a conflicting/amended text Mandos and Nienna. What this actually tells us abotu Pallando is debateable however I feel it shows that Pallando had a distinct reverence for the dead and was emotional, making decissions with his heart and not his head. (I am basing this on my knowledge of Mandos and Nienna, however I fell sure my knowledge of these 2 Valar expecially Nienna is incomplete. So if you see something please call me on it.)

The purposes of the Istari is something I find intriguing. From what I can tell it appears Gandalf was sent as an emissary to try and unite the free people of the west against Sauron. Radagast was evidently sent to protect Yavannas creations in Middle Earth. Saruman is an interesting case as he appears, weather through purpose or personal machinations, to be incharge of co-ordinating efforts between the wizards and apparently researching Saurons history in an effort to uncover some chink in his armour.

I feel certain that Alatars purpose was to free the oppressed people of the east and to instigate uprising, I also feel sure a new channel of communication was intended between the Valar and the Avari, as it is evident they never truely abandon any of the peoples of Middle Earth. I assume that Pallando almost certainly held the same purpose as Alatar as he was not instructed to go by the Valar but went for love of his friend. I feel that whilst perhaps not completely satisfactory the blue wizards in some part were marginaly succesful as the numbers of men brought to war against the west were significantly lower than those that could be mustered from the great lands to the north, east and south.

Incidentaly I find the discussion of the Avari to be quite interresting, but I shall leave that for another thread.

I feel at liberty to develop ideas about events in the east involving the blue wizards, however should you feel adverse to any of the liberties I have taken feel free to make comment.

Noteably I feel that Curumo most probably attempted to recruit the blue wizards, we after all know he traveled frequently into the east but eventually did so no more. I feel sure eventually his intentions, no matter how developed by this point, were uncovered and his advances were rebuked by Alatar and so Curumo felt he had failed in the east and so abandon the blue wizards, in order to focus his efforts in the west. It is perhaps this uncovering of his plans by Alatar that warned him to be far more cautious in his approaches at Gandalf indeed not making a bid for his alliegence until the start of the war of the ring. (I may be reading to much into this and perhaps the timings were to early for such a plan to be relevant)

Incidentaly I feel Pallandos weaknesses were probably relevant to events in the east. My interpretation of this is his ensnarement by Sauron. As a result of this I am assuming he no longer felt any qualms about using his full power to overcome Alatar, however in his defeat remembered his friendship and in grief repented for his actions forever placing him outside Saurons control. (This particular interpretation is just my imagination running wild so feel free to complete disregaurd it.)

Incidentaly I have many theorys about the path of the Avari.

Anyway sorry for the wall of text.

P.S. apologies if this is in the wrong area I wasnt quite sure where to post as most of this information comes from unfinished tales, however I settled on here as it regaurds a similar time period.

Pallando died saving dorwinion from the eastron hordes led  by the Evil blue wizard. They killed each other and the Kingdom of Bladorthin was saved though he went to the Grey Havens and sailed into the West. He was the Brother of Thranduil. Pallando preferred to be more secret because he was trying to be like a mystery because Sauron was trying to seduce him and give him a dwarf ring he took. That is how he got the other blue wizard under his command.  By giving him a dwarf ring.cheeky

is, Pallando good? Well, yes, he did not have enough good stock to raise a army to destroy his evil blue brother, because he had the dwarf ring.